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Full list of House committee assignments

Click below for the full list of House committee assignments for the upcoming 2013 legislative session.

Here's the full list of House committee assignments for the 2013 session:

Local Government
Chair: Barrett
Vice Chair: Sims
Barbieri, Luker, Perry, Clow, Hancey, Harris, Holtzclaw, Horman, Malek, Chew, Kloc, Meline

Health & Welfare
Chair: Wood (27)
Vice Chair: Perry
Hancey, Henderson, Hixon, Malek, Morse, Romrell, Vander Woude, Rusche, Chew

Chair: Bell
Vice Chair: Bolz
Eskridge, Thompson, Gibbs, Miller, Stevenson, Youngblood, Ringo, King

Agricultural Affairs
Chair: Andrus
Vice Chair: Boyle
Bolz, McMillan, Batt, Bell, Agidius, Dayley, Miller, Romrell, Stevenson, VanOrden, Pence, Erpelding

Chair: Henderson
Vice Chair: Thompson
Collins, Crane, Palmer, Barbieri, Batt, Agidius, Clow, Hixon, Kauffman, Monks, Morse, Stevenson, Youngblood, Smith, Rusche, Gannon

Commerce & Human Resources
Chair: Hartgen
Vice Chair: Anderson(31)
Loertscher, Anderst, Hancey, Harris, Holtzclaw, Mendive, Romrell, VanOrden, King, Woodings

Chair: DeMordaunt
Vice Chair: Nielsen
Shepherd, Wills, Bateman, Boyle, Agidius, Clow, Gestrin, Harris, Horman, Mendive, VanOrden, Pence, Kloc, Ward-Engelking

Environment, Energy & Technology
Chair: Raybould
Vice Chair: Eskridge
Anderson(1) Vander Woude, Hartgen, DeMordaunt, Nielsen, Thompson, Anderson(31), Anderst, Mendive, Monks, Morse, Trujillo, Smith, Rusche, Woodings

Judiciary, Rules & Administration
Chair: Wills
Vice Chair: Luker
Nielsen, Bolz, Bateman, McMillan, Perry, Sims, Dayley, Horman, Malek, Packer, Patterson, Trujillo, Burgoyne, Meline, Ringo

Resources & Conservation
Chair: Denney
Vice Chair: Gibbs
Wood(35), Barrett, Moyle, Eskridge, Raybould, Andrus, Shepherd, Wood(27), Boyle, Vander Woude, Gestrin, Miller, Pence, Erpelding, Ward-Engelking

Revenue & Taxation
Chair: Collins
Vice Chair: Wood(35)
Barrett, Moyle, Raybould, Denney, Anderson(31), Anderst, Dayley, Hartgen, Kauffman, Patterson, Trujillo, Burgoyne, Erpelding, Meline

State Affairs
Chair: Loertscher
Vice Chair: Batt
Anderson(1), Andrus, Luker, Crane, Palmer, Sims, Batt, Barbieri, Holtzclaw, McMillan, Monks, Packer, Smith, Gannon, Woodings

Transportation & Defense
Chair: Palmer
Vice Chair: Shepherd
Wood(35), Wills, Bateman, Henderson, Denney, Gibbs, Gestrin, Hixon, Kauffman, Packer, Patterson, Youngblood, Ringo, King, Gannon

Ways & Means
Chair: Anderson(1)
Moyle, Crane, Vander Woude, Rusche, Burgoyne, Pence


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