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Extra Credit

Q&A: Spokane Public Schools board candidate Jerrall Haynes

Jerrall Haynes, 26

Notable Experience: Enlisted in U.S. Air Force in 2010. Haynes is a staff sergeant and an airplane mechanic. Serves as the freshman football coach at East Valley High School. Member of the political action committee of the Spokane branch of the NAACP.

Education: Graduated from Summerville High School in South Carolina in 2007.

 Haynes. (COURTESY PHOTO / <!-- No credit provided -->)
Jerrall Haynes. (COURTESY PHOTO / <!-- No credit provided -->)

Given the current budget shortfall of $5.6 million what programs would you take money from to make up the difference?

Programs should not be taken away from the students. For the time being we could start tapping into our reserves. We could even begin reviewing unnecessary positions in administration as a step in responsibly reallocation resources. Cutting programs should not be the first thing on our minds.

Do you think the Washington Supreme Court made the right choice when it came to charter schools? Why or why not?

The Washington State Supreme Court made the right decision. I am a supporter of creating innovative ways to enhance the education experience for students of every age. However, creating Charter schools and then taking money away from the established public schools causes a strain on the budget.

What is the most pressing issue facing the district?

Spokane is growing and paired with our current class sizes it will cause an issue with the education that the student receives. We have an amazing teaching staff but the life of a teacher can be stressful. We need a long term planning solution for new construction, and an enhanced curriculum to target our growing diversity.

Do you think Spokane Public Schools should continue to offer high school football, given both the cost and the danger of concussions?

I believe Football should stay. HS Football teaches lessons in teamwork, discipline, leadership, pride, respect and brotherhood, just to name a few. For the students that do not play, it gives them a sense of pride in their school and adds to the wonders of being a student. Cost should not be a deciding factor in cutting this program. Safety is a priority and if there are major concerns then we should learn how other counties are handling the issue, and expeditiously decide the best course of action.

If you’re elected, how will you ease upcoming negotiations with the Spokane Education Association?

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship that involves open communication with educators, administrative staff and the community long before negotiations become stand offs will change the way future negotiations take place.

Do you support the sex education curriculum currently taught in the district? Why or why not?

The current system is informative and effective. There is room for improvement but the curriculum provides information that can be understood at each respective age level.

Are there any books currently in libraries within the district or on class reading lists that you feel are not appropriate to be used in schools?

Students are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Students are also exposed to a lot more information sooner than a lot of us were at their age. With a strong, comprehensive curriculum we can continue to provide quality education through all texts that are currently easily accessible.

Should evolution be taught in public schools?

As of today evolution is the most scientifically accurate theory we have as to how humans developed. Evolution is a part of one of the strongest theories science has offered us and a science class would be incomplete without it.

If you could change one thing about the district what would it be and why?

From what I’ve experienced the district has a lack of communication between all parties involved in educating our children. The School Board is suppose to give guidance and set standards but we cant lead if we’re out of touch with the body of people we are suppose to be leading.

Who was your favorite teacher? When and why?

That's difficult because I have been blessed with many great teachers in my life. If I had to choose, it would be Mrs. Mcdavid. She taught me in seventh grade. She saw my potential and what I was capable of early on. As a result, she expected nothing but the best from. Mrs. Mcdavid held me accountable, while at the same time respecting me as a human. She consistently showed how much she truly cared for each of her students with out being their friends.

Favorite recess game in elementary school?

I was a runner, always competing. So, I loved to race all of the time or play tag. Any game that would allow me to compete I was all for it.

Fondest high school memory?

The first day of high school. I will never forget the feeling of excitement that came over me as I walked through those doors with my older brother. 

Eli Francovich
Eli Francovich joined the Spokesman Review in 2015. He currently is the Outdoors reporter for the SR.

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