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More education reading for the normal sized weekend. Topics covered: Is high school too easy? Should some kids skip college and go straight to the workforce? A film about a high school prom in Florida makes it to Sundance, and more.

“Should more kids skip college for workforce training?” via PBS Newshour’s John Tulenko.

David Wheeler, Principal, Southeastern Regional: It’s the shame of our nation, when you look at, a student comes out of high school, not knowing what they want to do, goes to college, drops out. Now they’re in debt, without a job, and not knowing what they want to do. They’re worse off than they were, you know, as little as a year before. And that’s all preventable, all of it.

“As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Diplomas Come Up Short” via The New York Times’ Motoko Rich.

According to college entrance exams administered to every 11th grader in the state last spring, only one in 10 Berea students were ready for college-level work in reading, and about one in 14 were ready for entry-level college math. 

“Arapahoe High School Reports Offer Many Lessons For Colorado Schools” via Colorado Public Radio’s Jenny Brundin.

Three independent reports released this month conclude that a lot more could have been done to prevent the 2013 shooting at Arapahoe High School that killed two students.  

“The makers of "The Send-Off" have launched a Kickstarter to fly the film's subjects to Sundance” and “Two Pahokee High students are headed to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah for documentary on prom” via WPTV’s Katie Johnson.

"There were several thousand people, there were cars lined up for half a mile. The whole community of Pahokee had come out to see their seniors and juniors," he says.

“How a diverse yet divided school blended ‘segregated’ classes” via The Seattle Times’ Ben Stocking 

“The school was segregated, man,” said Gerald Donaldson, the school social worker, who dispenses donated groceries and clothing from his office. “It wasn’t right.”




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