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The Slice: Anything cool to say about that?

What do you yell when jumping into cold water? A simple scream can work, of course.

But it seems like there ought to be something you could say at that moment to help cope with the temperature shock.

So send me your suggestions and, as always, I’ll share.

“Slice answers: “What my husband would learn from spending an hour at the cosmetics counter at Nordstrom is exactly how much I spend on makeup ($20 for a lip gloss!),” wrote Mikayla Daniels of Deer Park.

I suggested she could go with the “I got this on sale and saved money” angle.

“Women are born using that line,” she replied.

Leonard Riley had a similar guess about what he would learn: “Boy, this is going to cost me a lot of money.”

But Ritzville’s Karen Thiel didn’t have to speculate. One time while her husband was waiting for her to complete a transaction, he found a nail buffer on a counter and picked it up. “He was amazed that he was able to smooth out the ridges on his fingernails,” she wrote.

Allan Toole had a different perspective. “Standing at the Nordstrom cosmetics counter for an hour would remind a man of the stockbroker’s secret: Giving advice pays better than following it.”

“Complete this sentence: “One of the best summer parties I ever attended was this gathering where everyone brought….”

“Another dam story: “I have spent the past 22 summers working in the information booth at Mason Park in Coulee Dam,” wrote Reg Morgan. “The dam/park is located immediately below the dam.”

Some visitors are impressed. Others aren’t.

One time an older woman came up and asked, “Where’s the dam?”

Morgan pointed at the looming structure sometimes listed among the man-made wonders of the world.

“Oh,” said the woman, who continued on her way.

“Lost and found: A voice came over the intercom at the Toys ‘R’ Us store in Spokane Valley.

“Brandon, Brandon … your mother is looking for you.”

Nothing unusual about that.

But when Brandon showed up, he was a bit embarrassed.

Maybe the fact that he’s 33 had something to do with it.

“Retractable roof: A robin built a nest in a grape arbor adjacent to Darlene Ponack’s North Idaho garden. As a result, her husband (Darlene’s, not the robin’s) found that he couldn’t really water back there without soaking the nest and its inhabitants.

So he took a piece of plastic wrap and placed it over the birds’ domicile before watering, removing it when he was done.

“He repeated this until the little ones flew away,” said Ponack.

“Today’s Slice questions: What’s the Inland Northwest’s best little town? Why?

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