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The Slice: Film pick crashed and burned

Emylee Tolliver recalled when a genius working at her daughter’s day care had the preschoolers watching the movie “Top Gun.”

Forget “Sesame Street.” Take it right into the danger zone.

Oh, well. Maybe the kids learned something from the steamy scenes.

What’s your favorite lighthearted story of questionable judgment at nursery school?

“Here’s a tip: Don’t try to use the drive-through mailboxes next to the post office on South Grand if it’s anywhere near time for Sacajawea Middle School to let out.

Chances are, the access-blocking conga line of parents waiting to pick up kids will make you say bad words.

“Pipe down: Every workplace with more than six people has at least one loud person who occasionally needs to be reminded to use his or her indoor voice.

“Highlighting the hazards: A friend has an idea that she admits might not go over well with officialdom. She thinks area residents ought to use fluorescent orange paint to spray circles around the worst potholes near their homes.

“Multiple choice: The best way to describe your church’s scaled-back summer schedule might be …

A.) Unilateral surrender. B.) A frank admission that a lot of regulars will be at the lake on Sundays. C.) A begrudging acknowledgement that more than a few congregants regard attending services as a cold-weather activity. D.) A reflection of the fact that the pastor gets a lot of vacation time. E.) Other.

“And his sidekick, Bauxite Boy: Slice reader Sherri Hyams thinks the perfect comic book superhero for Spokane would be Aluminum Man.

“Putting a little English on it: If people from Liverpool are known as Scousers and those in Newcastle are Geordies, what should you call someone from Spokane?

Don’t say “Wanker.”

“”Marmot” as a verb: “To lie around all day, occasionally grazing from the refrigerator.” — Dick Hoskins, Coeur d’Alene

“Slice answer: Bernard Habbestad said he was rendered speechless by a young man’s inability to calculate the change due from a $20 bill when Habbestad attempted to pay for two $6 tickets.

The math-challenged fellow, estimated by Habbestad to be 19 or 20, was a volunteer in the box-office at a community theater production. He said, “Where I work, they have a computer to figure it.”

Oh. OK then.

“Today’s Slice question: What extended family in the Spokane area has the most graduates of the same college?

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