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The Slice: Chilling discovery could send shivers through household

One easy way to overreact to the diminishing hours of sunlight is to panic about your family having 16 right-hand winter gloves and only 11 of the left-hand variety.

Let’s move on.

Slice answers: “While packing a lunch for my wife I once included a bite out of her apple, sandwich, cookie and anything else I had packed,” wrote Greg Morasch.

“I thought it was an act of intimacy. Her co-workers thought it was rather hilarious and my wife was appalled.”

When packing lunches for members of her family, Sarra Reiber sometimes writes “I love you” on the napkin and draws a stick figure of herself waving.

Times change: I guess kids don’t play with little toy soldiers all that much these days. That’s fine. I understand the argument against it.

Still, you have to wonder if modern parents know what they are missing.

I mean, there’s no more overhearing older brothers saying “You idiot, the Confederates didn’t have tanks” or “Your Redcoats won’t stand a chance against my Roman legion.”

Slice answers: Joe Jovanovich said Jerry Schieche of Spangle is the person who has shaken the most hands around here.

Dan Dahl said it’s Jack Pring.

DOWN-HOME CUISINE: Travis Rivers saw a headline on the front of the food section that he thought said, “Sister City Festivities Feature Dumping Class.”

He was genuinely puzzled. But then he looked again and realized it said “Dumpling.”

Just for the record: There are those who have been referring to a shared Communion chalice as a “flu cup” for years.

Today’s Slice question: Do apple trees intentionally try to startle you by waiting until your back is turned before plopping fruit onto the ground?

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