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The Slice: You can never have enough good answers

I hate to see good answers go to waste.

So here’s a follow-up round of readers’ completions of the sentence “The thing a lot of people seem to forget about Spokane is…”

“The marmots did a better job of development on the riverfront than the city.” – Bob Craghead

“The wildlife were here first.” – Madonna Luers

“We’re the biggest cheese eaters in North America.” – Kevin Cline

“That this is a one-horse town … and it’s been ridden.” – Larry Collins

“It has the worst quality of life environment of any city its size, except for all the rest.” – Ken Ferro

“We have winter some years.” – Merilee and Scott Robar

“ ‘If you feel like it’ is not an understood extension of all traffic sign verbiage.” – Nick Suksdorf

“Not all of our culture is in our yogurt.” – Preston Ritter

“That the people of Spokane are the thing to remember.” – Marty Jones

“That it is the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis, and Calgary and Salt Lake City.” – Sherry Fischer

“It’s north of Montreal.” – Colleen Rainer

“That the Memphis Belle was overhauled here.” – Mike and Sue Cain

“The rich and wonderful history our city has.” – Susan Walker

“If you don’t like to drive in snow you need to think about relocating.” – Gary Polser

“This city once had a vibrant, busy downtown shopping area.” – Dan Keenan

“We are not a suburb of Seattle.” – Harry Foster

“That we live here and it’s all about choices.” – Lindi Walters

“It’s the place people pretend to leave.” – Bill Reese

“Adoring crowds here welcomed Richard Nixon for the opening of Expo ’74 just months before his resignation.” – Vicki Johnson

OK. Let’s move on.

Today’s Slice question: About which are you more apt to fib: your height or your weight?

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