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The Slice: Can you help with makeover?

My modest work area has been reconfigured, so I need a new batch of readers’ snapshots, postcards, geegaws, art work, business cards, et cetera with which to decorate a new wall.

Thanks in advance. Let’s move on.

Slice answer: What do you suppose people say about you behind your back? “Probably just catty remarks, mostly from women in the workplace,” wrote Sharon Simons. “I know for sure that if people gossip to you, they certainly gossip about you.”

That’s a good thing to remember. But it’s worth noting that some of the worst gossips are men. I’m one of them.

If there had never been an Air Force base here: “Sounds a lot like the theme behind the classic Christmas movie, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with Jimmy Stewart,” wrote Bob Strong. “Spokane without Fairchild would be Pottersville with evil developers destroying our neighborhoods with cookie-cutter houses jammed together in ‘little boxes full of ticky-tack and they all look just the same’ (see Five Mile Prairie). But wait, never mind; Fairchild has donated generations of dedicated, disciplined, motivated, ethical and cosmopolitan but patriotic residents who love Spokane’s All-American splendor and enhance its cultural life.”

Spokane’s scientific name: “Boobus Americanus.” – Robert Stevens

Slice answer: Ever drop a knife and have it stick in the floor? “Yes, more than once, and it always surprises me,” wrote Jeanne Kalbfleisch. “But when my husband comments that our kitchen’s wood floor sure has a lot of gouges and dents, I defend it by calling it character.”

Taking it under advisement: Susan Rauer’s teenage daughter had announced plans for an outing with a friend and was visibly unhappy when her parents asked her to sit down so they could discuss it.

“She said whenever we tell her to come and ‘discuss’ it, it’s just a long way of saying ‘No.’ ”

Rauer could not deny that the girl had a point. She wrote, “Maybe teenagers are as smart as they think.”

Today’s Slice question: Were you saying “Really?” (as in “Do you honestly think that’s appropriate?”) before everyone else?

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