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The Slice: Today could be one to remember

Maybe you can fill in the blanks.

1. The “Peanuts” comic strip was first published on Oct. 2, 1950.

2. TV’s “The Twilight Zone” first aired on Oct. 2, 1959.

3. (    ) was created by (    ) in Spokane on Oct. 2, 2012.

Multiple choice: If you are part of a couple, what determines who drives when the two of you go somewhere in a car? A) Gender. B) The one with the valid license drives. C) Random selection. D) A long, sad history of one of you being an insufferable presence as a passenger by demonstrating with body language and wincing, grimacing facial expressions that he/she regards the other as a road menace. E) Depends on which car you are taking. F) Sobriety. G) Other.

Slice reader Dwight Hume writes: “I’m wondering what creative recycle ideas folks have for their now defunct little blue recycle bins.”

Seasonal adjustment: “The thermostat in my office reminds me of my dad,” wrote Janice Carruthers, who works in an old building at Gonzaga University. “He worked for many years as an appliance mechanic (and then as the manager of the department) at the main building of what was then called San Diego Gas & Electric.

“He would come home and tell stories about people in the building who would complain about being too hot or too cold. No matter what the mechanics would do, nothing seemed to resolve the problem. So, he got to taking a bunch of tools in with him, getting up on a ladder and making a lot of rattling noises in the ceiling ducts, etc. Lo and behold, everything then worked great.

“Sometimes I think maybe the thermostat on my office wall is another placebo effort.”

Phone courtesy: Rich Young answered the phone. A woman trying to reach a doctor’s office had called Young’s home by mistake. He pleasantly told her she had misdialed and had failed to reach the doctor’s office. So she snapped at him, “Well, what is that number?”

Slice answer: “When do I switch to long-sleeves?” wrote Patsy Wood. “Being menopausal, never!”

Today’s Slice question: What member of your family is most out of control when it comes to anthropomorphizing?

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