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The Slice: A typing style that makes an impression

Vowels seem to be the hardest hit.

Patty Hostetter doesn’t claim to be the loudest typist around.

“But I sure type hard enough to wear the ink off the computer keyboard keys.”

She has managed to do this both at work and at home. Her theory? She types in such a way that her fingernails come in contact with the keys.

Because her husband shares the home keyboard and likes to glance at the keys, Patty used a permanent marker to print letters on the blank ones. She then applied a coat of fingernail polish over the marker ink.

She realizes, however, that it’s just a matter of time before she wears off those letters, too.

If those attending Expo ’74 had been asked to predict the future: Philip Mulligan suspects they might have forecast that advances in technology would drastically reduce demand for oil.

Slice answer: In the summer of 2011, Mariesa Stokes was working for an advertising agency in Birmingham, Ala., when her husband was offered a job at KSPS-TV in Spokane. They decided to make the move to the Northwest.

Because she could work online, she stayed with the agency at first and then started working as a freelance writer/editor/marketer. Her biggest clients are in Alabama and Georgia. “Without working online as an option, I probably wouldn’t be employed at all right now, and it certainly would have made our transition moving to Spokane far more stressful.”

What to do when a bug of indeterminate threat potential marches down the back of your neck: That happened to Lorri Stonehocker’s 20-something daughter while camping with her boyfriend and his parents.

When she felt the insect, she did not have time to mull her course of action. She yanked off her T-shirt.

She had a bra on. Still, that’s not the standard look for young ladies getting acquainted with their significant other’s folks.

But everyone understood. And it gave them something to talk about.

Today’s Slice question: How much would it cost to turn what you have now into the kitchen of your dreams?

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