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The Slice: Any half-empty glasses will be disqualified

Ed Merz wonders where Spokane ranks in terms of wine consumption.

If anyone knows, I’m all ears. Most of the data I can find without breaking a sweat pertains to nations, U.S. states and large metro areas.

But maybe we need to go door to door on this. What’s the consumption rate in your household?

This date in Slice history: Here are a couple of summer reruns. The first is from 1999. The second, from 2000.

Today’s Slice question: Are there any North Idaho residents who regularly spend their summer weekends in Eastern Washington?

Today’s Slice question: What would the Spokane area look like if property owners landscaped exclusively with vegetation that did not require watering?

Hillyard Tire Library: That’s what pollster/market researcher Bill Robinson calls the stacks of tires placed as barriers outside a certain closed building in that part of Spokane. Robinson, who has deep Hillyard roots, said he has observed people both adding to the stacks and making withdrawals as well.

Dog days: Carolyn Lenhard said she would love it if her basset hound, Matilda, was good at finding a misplaced phone.

And Ann Murphy shared this. “Our shelter dog had been adopted and returned once before we found her. We asked why, and the reason given was that she ‘herded children.’ How can that be a bad thing?”

That previous family must have been rearing free-range kids.

Today’s Slice question: How would you handle this?

After The Slice brought up outdoor clotheslines, a reader sent me a snail-mail note in which she said her brother would hold on to his drying blanket while sucking his thumb.

It’s a cute image. But I’m pretty sure there was a “Peanuts” strip long ago featuring just such a scene.

Now there’s no reason my reader could not be totally on the level. The scene she described could have happened. But I have been putting off calling her. (Yes, she provided the appropriate contact info.)

I’m having a hard time imagining how I can avoid sounding as if I am accusing her of dishonesty.

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email Gail Cory-Betz added to Tuesday’s list of reasons for not having salads: “The stinking deer ate the lettuce!”

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