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The Slice: Guess his gravy train took a wrong turn

Is there a signature Spokane face-plant?

Janet Yoder noticed this the other day in the police log list appearing on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s website:

“An intoxicated man who passed out in his plate of food at a Main Street business said he thought he was in Spokane, Wash.”

I suppose that has happened to all of us while traveling. One minute, you are having a bite to eat and then … ZZZZZZZZZ. “How did these potatoes get in my hair?”

And don’t you find that when you are on the road and wake up with your face in a plate of food, your assumption is that you are back in Spokane? Sure.

But who knew they were so picky about table manners in Montana? Maybe they’re just anti-nap over there.

Meat and greet: Vince Roland took a picture of a family cat looking out the window at a couple of deer in the front yard. While he was typing in a description of the scene that included the word “visitor,” the spell checker offered to substitute “venison.”

Sneak preview: Years ago, Dee Hargitt knew the unwrapped Christmas presents had been found when her middle daughter complained that the slippers she would be getting were the wrong color.

Saying thanks: “I just got out of the hospital after having brain tumor surgery,” wrote Darlene Norton. “While in the hospital, I had the opportunity to thank every nurse that helped me and made me feel special.”

And now that she has had a moment to reflect on the experience? “I would like to thank them all again.”

If you need more convincing that December weddings can lead to long marriages: Ask Jo Ann and Ray Story, Myrna and Del Teade, Sharon and Gordon Jennings, or Allison Blankenship’s parents, among others.

Warm-up question: While spending part of the winter in the Southwest, have you ever attended a gathering of snow birds from Spokane?

Today’s Slice question: Is there a role model for those who don’t identify with either Scrooge or the Grinch but really do not get into the whole holiday spirit?

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