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The Slice: Just don’t try to bust the union

A Spokane Valley friend who watches kids during the day and after school asked her young charges if they had any advice for her son, who recently got married.

They did. And she was kind enough to pass along the marital counseling.

“Just be nice!” –

Cohen, 6


“Don’t fight.” –

Brayden, 7


“Bake each other good food and only play pranks on each other when it’s April Fools.” – Elijah, 10

Sounds good. Especially the baking.

“Go to restaurants.” – Marcus, 7

As long as it is not presented as a commentary on the fare at home.

“He should get flowers to take home.” – Carah, 4

Never hurts.

“Listen to your wife because they are always right.” – Alyjouah, 12

No comment.

“Don’t fight! Just handle it.” – Kylee, 5

Excellent advice.

“Be good to your wife and play lots of games.” – Ben, 7

Wise counsel. Love that.

“Don’t break up!” – Kainoah, 7

I’ll bow out at this point. Got something in my eye.

“He should just always agree.” – Chet, 11

“You better have done lots of fun stuff with your old life because it will change.” – Kamron, 9

“Don’t have a honeymoon in a tree. You could get attacked by bees.” – Nolan, 10

“They should go out for dates.” – Carson, 9

“If you get in a fight, take a car ride and when you get back you’ll be happier.” – Jayden, 10

“Talk instead of fight.” – Naomi, 8

“Say sorry, I love you and they gotta be calm too.” – Aidan, 4

“Find a way you can both be right.” – Riley, 10

“Calm down … go into a room away from each other. When they are ready to say sorry, they can come out.” – Sierrah, 7

“Don’t argue. You usually end up picking one idea.” – Taylor, 11

“Let the kids vote on it!” – Cole, 7

“You better do what you want now because wifes just boss you around.” –

Tyreek, 9

“Just smile and have a baby.” – Brody, 5

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