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The Slice: Anything to avoid a troubled clef

There are two kinds of people.

One kind grew up with “Every good boy does fine.”

The other learned “Every good bird does fly.”

Oh, wait. There’s a third group.

People who were never exposed to the basics of reading music and have no idea what we’re talking about here.

But feel free to form your own EGBDF sentence.

Breed tendencies: The big dog show in New York is over.

But there’s still time to place your human co-workers in canine-inspired categories.

Sporting group: Spends most of the work day talking about last night’s game and looking at

Hound group: Older guys who seem fascinated by everything chatty female interns have to say.

Working group: They basically shut up, do their jobs and keep the place afloat.

Terrier group: They’ll nip at you in meetings.

Toy group: Feisty and inexplicably high self-esteem. Spend a lot of time primping.

Non-sporting group: Don’t want to hear about your NCAA bracket.

Herding group: The true leaders at your business.

Re: Having the same name as someone who played a role in the life of Abraham Lincoln: Jeffrey Davis knows a little bit about this.

“Being named Jeff Davis means a lifetime of replying ‘Actually, I’m a Jeffrey,’ ‘Yes, I’ve heard of the only president of the Confederacy,’ and ‘No, I was not named after him.’ ”

Gumming up the works: Thanks to a shirt her son added to the laundry at the last second, Kathleen Schrum can attest that a single stick of Big Red chewing gum can mess up a load of whites.

You get a nice cinnamon scent, but also “Streaks of pink throughout the wash.”

In the matter of who has sat in the most seats at local arts/entertainment venues over the years: “I would place a bet on Al Kiefer, who works at the library,” wrote Karen Mobley. “He is known to attend as many as nine or 10 events per weekend.”

Today’s Slice question: How many people with whom you have shaken hands have also shaken the hand of a president of the United States?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email In the matter of urgent impromptu urban urination, a Stevens County reader said horse owners have been using horse trailers for years.

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