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The Slice: ‘Come on, Turner’ still applicable

When accessing the newspaper’s electronic archive, I sometimes use my name as one of the search terms.

One result of this is I wind up seeing old letters to the editor in which I am mentioned. Many are quite nice. But others are a treat in an altogether different way.

Perhaps you would enjoy seeing just a few snippets. (Sadly the electronic archive goes back only to 1994. So I am missing out on six years of fan mail from some flounders.)

Here goes.

“His talents should be put to better use than putting together such an inane article as the Slice.” – June 10, 1995

“To describe a cathedral as ‘a hell of building’ seems both irreverent and bad writing.” – March 28, 1996

“I am shocked and saddened by your daily ‘Slice’ question of Jan. 27, written by Paul Turner, which asked ‘What Spokane area high school is home to the most current or future criminals?’ ” – Jan. 30, 1997

“The March 11 ‘Being There’ column was a disgrace.” – March 20, 1997

“Come on, Turner.” – April 26, 1998

“I was deeply disappointed in Paul Turner …” – June 4, 1998

“Paul Turner and his never-ending array of cat stories …” – Oct. 26, 1998

“I’m frustrated, angry and disappointed with Paul Turner and The Spokesman for printing this idiotic question.” – Nov. 23, 1998

“We were embarrassed.” – March 26, 1999

“It made my skin crawl.” – May 11, 1999

I have to admit. Some of those writers had a point. But it doesn’t matter what I thought. They bought the paper and signed their letters, so they can say what they like.

But vexed letter-writers wouldn’t really drop the gloves until the 21st century. Some of those offerings are beauts.

For another day.

Slice answer: Sandy Tarbox weighed in on the matter of identifying the tech expert in your household.

“Everything I know about computers (not much!) I’ve learned while howling and cussing and sometimes crying. Luis knows even less. Which is why I have a slightly altered sticker on my desk that reads ‘Age against the Machine.’ ”

Today’s Slice question: What’s your new Plan B?

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