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The Slice: Around here, it’s Casual Easter Sunday

Easter is a special day for those who enjoy complaining about the way people dress in Spokane.

Most of us know that.

But what is less widely acknowledged is that the holiday is also a cherished occasion for those who actively savor seeing their indignant relatives go off about people wearing sweatpants in church.

Oh, sure. They might think they are being subtle. But if you listen today, you could overhear those who amuse themselves by priming the pump of disdain. You might hear them say …

• “Pssst. Hey, Grandma. Check out the guy at the brunch buffet wearing a ballcap. What do you think of that?”

• “Look, Dad. The family in that pew over there is dressed to do yardwork right after the service. Shall we pray for them?”

• “Mommy, is that man ahead of us in the checkout lane wearing pajamas pretending to be the Easter Bunny?”

• “Hey, Grandpa. Dig the guy at that booth over there wearing shorts and flip-flops? Would you call that Spokane casual?”

One way to make certain people mad today: Start a discussion about what Jesus would have looked like.

Today’s Slice question: I have a friend who is a farmer down on the Palouse. He loves coming to Spokane. He and his wife attend plays here, go to restaurants and, well, you name it.

Not long ago, he passed along a DVD of the documentary “Dryland.” Set in and around Lind, Washington, it is about making a living in agriculture. At one point near the end of the film, an older farmer mentions that he dislikes going to Spokane. Traffic is one of his issues.

That made me wonder. Which is the more typical attitude of rural Inland Northwest residents when it comes to spending time in Spokane?

I’m hoping Slice readers who live out in the country or in small towns will weigh in on this. When you come to Spokane for a doctor’s appointment, shopping or some other reason, do you look forward to being here or do you sort of dread it? Why? How have you been treated here?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email On behalf of all the members of the Marmot Lodge – “E Pluribus Marmot” – I want to wish Slice readers a happy Easter.

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