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The Slice: When dinner bell rings, prepare for fur to fly

Ann Fennessy said a reality show based on life at her home would be called “Fur in Our Soup.”

The cast would include “Two empty nesters with divergent philosophies on pet management.”

Then there would be three dogs (two notorious food thieves and one saint) and two cats (a reclusive, punitive pee-er and a dog teasing, milk-begging nag).

Ann said a lot of the action might take place in the kitchen and dining room.

Could be good TV.

Moniker mania: “My wife (Annette) and I named our first daughter with an ‘A’ name,” wrote Ed Guise. “We decided our second child would be our last, so we chose a ‘Z’ name. And since our last name starts with a G and three of my siblings attended Gonzaga, we could not resist ZAG as her initials.”

I wonder if her friends are able to resist the urge to say “Go (her name here)!” all the time.

And Nancy Skellenger shared this. “It’s a lucky thing that my grandmother lived before our hyphenated times. If she had chosen to do this, her name would have been Doris Head-Stone. Or, in reverse, it would have been Doris Stone-Head. Not sure which is worse.”

Speaking of grandmothers: Joel Shank saw the reference to covered wagons. He said his grandmother, who lived to be 96, traveled in just such a fashion from Oklahoma to Springfield, Oregon.

“She also lived for a while in a sod house as a child and her father made her leather gloves so she could play with the ground squirrels without getting injured.”

(Kids, this was before smartphones. Wrangling rodents was a popular pastime in the West.)

Shank marvels at how his grandmother saw the world change. “She was sitting beside me as we watched men land on the moon the first time.”

Warm-up question: Does the way you feel about the appearance of your arms influence your decision re: when to start wearing short sleeves?

Today’s Slice question: In your experience, which is the more common scenario: People here forgetting how late it is on the East Coast or people back there forgetting how early it is here?

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email Hitler was born in the same year (1889) that Washington — which would one day produce B-17s — became a state.

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