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The Slice: Long-term cheapness or short-term lavishness?

To what extent does a person’s attitude about the parking options at Spokane International airport shape your opinion of that individual?

Does amazing cheapness make you shake your head? Does foolishly spendthrift behavior give you pause?

Let’s move on.

If Slice reader Tom Johnson was a TV weather person: He would not note that tomorrow’s high temperature will be the warmest of the year.

“Doesn’t that happen on a pretty regular basis as we transition from winter to summer?”

He has a point. But they have to talk about something. So what are weathercasters supposed to say in addition to the basics of the forecast?

Well, I could listen to Kris Crocker talk about the outlandishly big dogs she has known over the years. She and her husband like canines that are the size of small horses.

Tom Sherry might explain how it is that he has not aged in 25 years. The vampire rumors did not start with me.

And someone at Q6 could rank the all-time best “Star Wars” terminology used to describe various Cowles media holdings. Or not.

One last pennies answer: “When I see a penny I check to see if it is heads or tails up,” wrote Lila Kimm of Hayden Lake. “If it is heads, I pick it up. If tails, I turn it over so it will be good luck for the next person.”

Speaking of pennies, the Spokane Guilds’ School penny drive is Saturday. Maybe you will want to grab a fistful of coins before heading out that morning.

Warm-up questions: What percentage of remember-when stories told about the days of cruisin’ Riverside are significantly embellished? If no attempt were made to check the propagation of dandelions, how long would it be before they became self-aware and our only chance of dealing with them involved sending someone back from the future to alter the timeline? Did you know that once when I proposed “Drive Your Car to Work Week” at least one Spokane reader didn’t realize I was kidding?

Today’s Slice question: How does your family traditionally observe Earth Day Eve?

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email The Seattle World’s Fair (Century 21 Exposition) opened on this date in 1962.

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