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Best o’ The Slice: Hard to forget best smells of summer

Paul Turner is taking some time off this summer. In his absence, we dive into the archives at Slice Central. Today, we revisit July 21, 1994.

Slice answers: What’s the best smell of summer?

“Your hands after you’ve been working with tomato plants.” – Lorrene Hughes

“The cedar forest at Priest Lake after a rain.” – John Savage

“A crisp, cold watermelon as it cracks open.” – Sylvia Brummett

“Money.” – Angie Griswold

“Pine needles crushed underfoot.” – Anne O’Malley

“Well-cured hay stacked to the rafters in one’s own loft.” – Susan Upton-Hughes

“Smoke plumes billowing from race car tires.” – Ron Tweedy

“A rack of beef ribs slowly braising on the barbeque.” – Janet Salee

“No smoke.” – Nancy Hartley

“The opposite sex.” – Kristen Stiles

“Lilacs.” – Theresa Hale

“The stubble after harvest is over.” – Kathryn Vogler

“In the Upper Wenatchee Valley … glacier air from the Cascades mixes with the odors of fruit-bearing trees.” – Julie Reister-Keaton

“Freshly ground round on a superhot grill.” – C. Dean Mathers

“Huckleberries.” – Janet Lake

“Juicy steaks on the bar-b-que.” – Lisa Fulks

“Grape Kool-aid.” – Lara Roney

“Barbecue.” – Terry Kepner

“Bedsheets fresh from the clothesline.” – Andrea Gilbert

That’s a decent list. Thanks to all. But we’re declaring Gloria Alfonso the winner for her nomination, “Fresh-baked raspberry pie.”

Peaceful Valley sign: “This house is not for sale. It’s the one next door.”

Office tensions: “You simply can’t know if someone you work for is a pathological liar or some other form of neurotic specimen, but you can bet that whatever his hang-ups, they’re likely to come out in the sexual arena.” – from Working Woman

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