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The Slice: So we’re not all exactly the same?

Let’s start this way.

Why are you not a typical resident of the Inland Northwest?

“I know how to parallel park,” wrote Ellen Weiser.

David Kamka had a different answer. “I don’t have a stitch of camo in my closet.”

Slice answers: Yes, it has dawned on me that asking what figures agnostics, atheists and others might add to a Christmas manger scene has the potential to offend some readers.

But we’re talking about small plastic model pieces here. So let’s try not to get excited.

Steve Heaps said he would add a John Lennon action figure, complete with an oversized peace sign necklace.

John Lodge said no Nativity scene is complete without a T. rex in an ugly Christmas sweater. (He sent a photo of same, which I posted on The Slice Blog Monday morning.)

“Doubting Thomas,” wrote John Keating.

“A census counter,” said Lou Anne Moxcey.

“I would put a little figure of Dr. Who and maybe a Dalek,” said Johnny Erp.

And Tom Johnson said he wasn’t sure what figure an agnostic would add to a creche but he is pretty certain an atheist would add an attorney.

Re: Saturday’s Slice: “You are right in saying that the holiday lights across the street look better than the backside of your own,” wrote North Sider Laurie Newell. “So that means you are going to all that work for the enjoyment of others. In a sense, it is a holiday gift to the public, although I am proud of ours whenever we return home at night.

“Ours are nothing amazing (four large plywood figures outlined in lights) but I built them myself 38 years ago. It seems they are a ‘landmark’ in our area.

“Three or four years ago, we were amazed to receive a card and $25 gift certificate in our mailbox from a couple who said how much they appreciate them and that they look for them every year. It made me realize that the purpose of Christmas decorations should be bringing joy to others rather than just ‘keeping up with the Joneses.’ ”

Re: Sunday’s Slice: “Having lived for many years near where the Donner Party was thrown, our winters here are not that hard,” wrote North Idaho’s Bruce Werner. “They do last longer, however, and there is less sunshine.”

Today’s Slice question: How effective is verbally admonishing a cat to stay away from the Christmas tree?

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