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The Slice: Hanging out with stylish rodents

Most of us are familiar with Rat Pack style.

You know, the well-dressed booze-and-cigarettes Las Vegas demeanor of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others. (Yes, I know they inherited the label from several older performers.)

You might also recall that the original “Ocean’s 11” had a New Year’s Eve theme. Hence the timing of this question.

For what would Spokane-centric Marmot Pack style be known?

A) Lingering bitterness about the Captain and Tennille’s “Muskrat Love.” B) Stylish lethargy. C) Decided preference for natural foods.

D) Weird obsession with gnawing engine hoses. E) Halloween horror stories all center around the actions of real estate developers. F) If you referred to someone as “chicky baby,” the others present would ask what’s wrong with you.

G) To a member of the Marmot Pack, “Ring-a-ding-ding” refers to the dinner bell. H) Known for ability to whistle. I) Fondness for sunbathing.

J) Known for not wearing a cummerbund. K) Good dancers. L) Members are pretty doggone cute.

M) Militant about napping. N) Not obsessed with being painfully thin. O) Sharply divided about hipster beards.

P) Like gardens. Q) Enjoy hanging out in their underground lairs. R) Prefer large vehicles. S) Don’t suffer fools gladly. T) Members try to watch their language. U) Other.

Slice answer (spouses that pass in the morning): “For the past three years, I worked as a night distribution technician at the Inland Northwest Blood Center,” wrote Steve Whitford. “I would wave at my wife on the way home in the morning on Upriver Drive as she headed to work at the Zag Shop. I would then crawl into bed until dinner, after which I slept again until time for work. I dozed my way through weekends until I retired in November. Great to be on the same schedule with her again.”

Just for fun: In his spare time, lawyer Scott Miller teaches business law at Whitworth University. On the final exam this semester, he tacked on (not for credit) a question about how a new roll of toilet paper should be installed. So that the paper comes from on top or from underneath?

Most students (45 to 10) said the paper should unroll from the top. But one of the students saying it’s preferable to have the paper come from underneath wrote that it’s better because, “If you have a cat, it won’t unroll the toilet paper with its paws.”

Today’s Slice questions: What is your favorite Boxing Day song?

OK, here’s one you can answer. What’s your favorite New Year’s Eve song?

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