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The Slice: Grading resolution follow-through

One of my goals for 2017 is to be more accountable to readers.

I let a number of things slip through the cracks this year. I hope to do better.

But there’s no need to wait until January. I can start right now.

Here are a few New Year’s resolutions I listed in The Slice on this date way back in 2000. They were offered for readers’ possible use. But, looking back, let’s see what grades I would award myself for my own follow-through.

I will try to remember that some people weren’t lucky enough to have good parents. (D)

When in grocery stores, I will occasionally check to see if my shopping cart is blocking the aisle. (A)

I will make a point of praising people who exceed my expectations. (C+)

I will have compassion for those who cannot stop talking. (F)

I will choose role models carefully. (B)

I will never offer “That’s how we’ve always done it” as an explanation. (B-)

I will help friends and family members improve by noting when they are being annoying. (D)

I will be confident when pronouncing pretentious words. (D)

I will help the customer standing before me and put the caller on hold. (NA)

I will try to remember that some people do the things they do because they are insecure. (B-)

As a gift to my co-workers, I will cease singing the theme song from the old “Daniel Boone” TV show. (A)

I will have my checkbook out. (NA, I usually pay with cash.)

Every once in a while, I’ll stop and ask myself, “Am I being an incredible phony right now?” (C-)

I will not hog the remote. (D+)

I will learn. (C)

I’ll consider the possibility that someone might have had what he considered legitimate reasons for purchasing the road pig he drives. (D)

I will identify and analyze the forces shaping my worldview. (C-)

I will try to remember that popular culture did not freeze in place the year I was a high school junior. (F-)

I will try to think of other words to express frustration. (D+)

I will appear to listen. (A-)

I will save scorn for worthy targets. (C)

I will make sure my co-workers know I distinguish between those who talk about doing the work and those who actually do the work. (NA, they all work hard.)

When necessary, I will rise above it. (C-)

Today’s Slice question: Who would you name Inland Northwest Person of the Year?

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