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The Slice: That’s easy for you to say

Do we speak the way we do because of geography or gender?

Let’s hear from Judy Kotar.

“In Seattle I thought my husband (originally from CdA) was wrong when he used ‘drug’ as the past tense of drag, as in, ‘We drug that car off the road.’ Then we moved here and I heard other CdA men say the same thing. Also hubby ‘squoze’ a pimple. Not sure if women could have drug or squoze.”

Oops, again: Loris Michael isn’t afraid of telling tales on herself.

“You might remember that I wrote you about sending my daughter a picture of her sister, instead of her, when she requested a photo of herself.”

Well, the confusion train is back on the tracks.

Loris’ daughter-in-law recently visited with three grandsons. Shortly after they returned home, Loris received a package from her with a thank-you note and a John Deere golf jacket enclosed.

“Dick and I really were surprised as we had been looking for a John Deere jacket for two years to replace the one we lost. We were both so pleased.”

Loris immediately texted her daughter-in-law to say thanks and to let her know the jacket fit both of them.

Her daughter-in-law replied, “The golf jacket was yours, so I am glad you still like it.”

Brazen thugs rip off tourist: They say travel is broadening. But it also presents risks.

A case in point.

“My husband Randy and I were walking to the ferry after touring Ellis Island,” wrote Maureen Michaelis. “Randy had a hamburger in his hand and was just about to take a bite when a seagull swooped in and snatched the top bun.

“Randy was a little annoyed and surprised but continued to try to eat his topless burger. Two seconds later another tag-teaming gull swooped in and grabbed the burger patty.”

Randy was left with the bottom bun and a couple slices of pickle.

So is there something about New York birds or have you ever encountered such bold avian robbers hereabouts?

Slice answer: “My folks (Roy and Vi) RVed for years and snowbirded the last 11 years of Dad’s life,” wrote Jacques Lemieux. “The (Montana) license plate on their RV read: ‘R&Vs RV.’ ”

Today’s Slice question: To what extent does the picture of life in the Spokane area one gets from the local news media resemble the Spokane you know?

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email Maybe it’s just me, but somehow legalization has made getting a surprise whiff of reefer in certain settings a bit less amusing.

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