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The Slice: Maybe just go to O’Doherty’s instead

If you intend to pinch people for not wearing green today, you might want to consult your attorney first.

In any event, remember today is St. Patrick’s Day, not Talk Like a Leprechaun Day. Unless you believe Leprechauns say “Arrrrrrrrr …”

Let’s move on.

Slice answer: “Not a pick-up but I have to share,” wrote Pat Cadagan after seeing the question about people mentioning trucks in their wills.

“My Mom passed in 2000. She had two cars and her summer car was a ‘to die for’ gold Cutlass 4-4-2 convertible with the works – white interior and top, bucket seats, floor shift, everything. Every time she drove it someone would pull alongside and holler ‘Hey lady, you wanna sell that car?’

“Needless to say all three of us kids had our eye on it as well and had, at various times, expressed our ‘dibs’ on it to her for whatever reasons – oldest, youngest, most interested, etc.

“Brilliant beyond her 87 years, she saw the war developing so her will specified that the convertible would be auctioned and the money go into the estate. And we were not allowed to attend or bid.

“It got a nice price and somebody got a beautiful car.”

Take her down: Michael Caulkins of Nine Mile Falls sent a note about having been on a Navy submarine in the Mediterranean at the time of the U.S. Olympic hockey team’s victory over the Soviets in 1980. Those serving underwater were among the last to hear, he figures. “Along the lines of getting a pinch in the rear, and not jumping for 15 minutes.”

I asked Michael to name his favorite submarine movie. He picked “The Hunt for Red October.”

“However, even with that one, I can’t help but notice and point out discrepancies in all the movies that have modern-day, nuclear powered submarines.”

So what’s most unrealistic about the depiction of life aboard submarines in the movies? “Way too roomy.”

Slice answer: “My husband Dave, who was a chess champion in two states, may not have taught the MOST people to play,” wrote Jennie Groenig. “However, he did a good deed when he taught our grandson who went on to win a junior high school tournament and a $25 prize.”

Today’s Slice question: Who around here has had the same hairstyle for the longest time?

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