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The Slice: If you will be getting dressed up Sunday

There are two kinds of people.

One regards a clip-on necktie as a declasse abomination. The other views clip-ons as convenient time-savers.

In which camp are you?

Slice answers: “My grandparents spoke Czech at home, and everywhere else, too,” wrote Sue Chapin. “They lived in a tiny town in central Texas where everyone spoke Czech. During the infrequent long-distance calls that I remember as a child, my dad always spoke Czech to his parents on the phone.”

Then there was this, from Peggy Coffey. “My mother’s family, who settled near Frenchtown, Montana, spoke Danish. My mother didn’t speak English when she started school.

“My father’s family spoke Gaelic, but it was the the language they used when they didn’t want my father to understand, so he never learned it. The only Gaelic he knew was the sign of the cross and a vulgar epithet for King James.”

Sticking with the usual: When Roger Walters enlisted in the Air Force 63 years ago, he was given the standard buzz-cut hairstyle.

He stayed in the military just four years, but decided to stick with that close-cropped look. “I haven’t had to think about it since,” he said.

Dennis DeMattia shared this. “I got my first haircut from Nate the Barber at probably 4 years old. Forty-five years later, I married my Bonnie, who was a beautician. She hated my hairstyle, and kept arguing that it needed to be parted over there, and the cowlick should be whacked back here.

“I kept telling her that Nate the Barber said it should be done this way, and that works for me.

“After 21 years of marriage, we are still having that argument. I start sweating every time she cuts my hair because, one of these days, I just know that she is going to do away with what Nate the Barber so carefully crafted.

“The good news is, there is less and less hair every year, and one of these days it won’t matter.”

He’ll be shooting two: John Mraz saw the questions about whether readers could make a free-throw or a three-point shot.

He responded with a couple questions of his own. “Is there a time limit? And if so, can I take a lunch break?”

Today’s Slice question: What would most Slice readers name as the one pizza topping they cannot abide?

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email In the matter of pickup trucks and wills, Estellene Shaver said her dad left Chevy trucks to both her sister and her.

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