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The Slice: Let’s see if we can skate by

The clock is ticking down.

So let me ask. What are your favorite memories of the Ice Palace at Riverfront Park? Least favorite?

Let’s move on.

Hit the road, Jack (today’s falling asleep at a concert story): “I went to see Ray Charles at the Opera House,” wrote Charlie Greenwood. “The Raelettes sang a couple numbers and then they brought Ray out onto the stage. The next thing I remember, everyone’s getting up and leaving. How do you sleep through a Ray Charles concert? Doesn’t seem possible.

“The same thing happened for Quicksilver Messenger Service. I found my seat. Woke up at midnight. But they went on to jam for another hour, so at least I got to see something.”

On a related note: “My mother regularly slept in church,” wrote Shirley Drury. “When confronted with this, she brushed it off, explaining that it was the perfect place to sleep, because it was where she felt most peaceful. Never mind that she snored.

“My favorite dozing story happened to me in a little Lutheran church I visited in Boston. After the pastor finished his sermon, the church became very quiet while we waited … and waited … and waited … for the music to begin. Suddenly, we heard a loud snore.”

It was one of those unmistakable snorts that rouse the sleeper, in this case the organist.

And then the music played.

Multiple choice: What were the circumstances that led to you being on Spokane TV?

A) You appeared on “Starlit Stairway.” B) You were on “Cap’n Cy.” C) You were on the news saying your neighbor had always been quiet, “Kept to himself.” D) You work/worked in TV news. E) You were in a commercial for your business. F) You were a spectator at a sporting event or festival and just happened to be on camera. G) You were interviewed because you are/were a community leader. H) You appeared in security-camera video that became part of a news report about a crime. I) You were interviewed for a “Man on the street” piece. J) You jumped between a TV personality and the camera during a live stand-up at Bloomsday or Hoopfest. K) An old booking mugshot of you was shown on screen in one of the many times you have been “A person of interest,” wanted for questioning. L) You were shown eating something ridiculous at the fair. M) Your high school basketball team played in the old “B” tournament. N) Other.

Today’s Slice question: What kinship do you feel for those with whom you share a medical condition?

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