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The Slice: There’s a right way and a wrong way

Let’s review PB&J protocols.

Quite a few years ago, Sandra Kimbrough served her young granddaughter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a plate with a glass of milk. The little girl, who was watching TV, examined the offering and then declared that she did not care for PB&Js where the peanut butter was on top.

Sandra said she would make the child a new one. So she took the sandwich back into the kitchen, flipped it over and then returned to present it anew to the picky eater. The little girl thanked her.

Tale of the tape: Deanna Schneider and Jeanie Buchanan were among those reporting that being shortish makes selecting items off the top shelf at a grocery store a challenge.

Larry Bauer feels good about being 6feet 8 inches today, but when he was in junior high few of his clothes fit. “There were days where I was just too embarrassed to go to school, but I did.”

Glenn Winkey said he’s mostly fine with being almost 6 feet tall. “What I need is to be taller for my weight.”

Molly Zammit’s answer to the “Is your address still …” question: “It was when I left, but with my husband and the dog in charge, who knows if it will be there when I get back.”

You know you’re a regular when …: “Our usual waiter called us at home to tell us there had been a kitchen fire and the restaurant was closed,” said Linda Fleming.

If The Slice were a program: My friend John, who teaches at GU, suggested the show could be called “Marmot & Me.”

He said it might be staged on the rocky shore of the Spokane River just east of downtown.

“Prominent on the host’s desk would be a bowl of treats for guests to make nice to one particularly inquisitive marmot.

“The show would begin with the marmot poking his head out of the rocks and ambling to the set. Rollicking good fun would ensue as you interviewed guests about everything from child names to scariest ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes to the best grocery checker in Spokane.

“All the while, the particularly attentive marmot would sit in a chair next to the guest nibbling on treats.

“If a segment bogged down, the camera would pan to the marmot and the furry rodent’s cuteness would re-energize the show.”

Today’s Slice question: When watching TV with your spouse or significant other, how often do you make knowing eye contact about something on the screen?

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