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The Slice: Staking a claim at the dinner table

The other day, The Slice mentioned the struggle to get your fair share of the mealtime fare when you are the youngest sibling.

“I am also the youngest child with four brothers, and was somewhat impulsive,” wrote Keith Hegg. “I am known in my family for a very offensive food grab.

“At a Sunday dinner celebrating my oldest brother’s engagement, as the meat platter was passed to the guest of honor, I reached up and grabbed a big slice of ham with my teeth and pulled it onto my plate.

“After a chorus of gasps and my father’s guilt laden, ‘Oh, Keith,’ I have been branded for life. I still don’t know what prompted that impulsive move other than being a 10-year-old.”

And Randy Peterschick shared this. “My older sister used to take things off my plate, till I stabbed her in the hand with my fork.”

The keys to being a good grandparent: I left something off Saturday’s list, said Mary Ann Barney. “Grandchildren or at the very least, one grandchild. Needless to say, in spite of having a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, they neglected to have any children.”

Not affiliated with the Marmot Lodge: “I was reading the National Geographic Traveler ‘Best Places of 2018’ issue last night,” wrote Elaine Giadone. “To my surprise, in an article praising Los Angeles, there was a mention of the Chateau Marmot as being a ‘celebrity haunt on Sunset Boulevard’ where Hollywood bashes are often held.

“I didn’t realize there were marmots in LA, or that fancy hotels were named after them. Well, of course, they are not, because on second look, the hotel was really the Chateau Marmont. Oh, well. That leaves the name open for the next Walt Worthy hotel in downtown Spokane.”

TV watching tip: Sandy Tarbox offered a suggestion. “If you mute the TV during drug ads, there’s just people having fun – hiking, biking, playing with grandkids. Try it.”

Slice answers: In the category of ways Spokane has changed for the better, readers’ nominations ranged from the restaurant scene (Bruce Colquhoun) to the Intermodal Center (Hank Tiffany).

Speaking of the Intermodal Center, The Slice asked readers back in 2006 what the perfect corporate sponsor might be for the then-new ground transportation hub.

Reader Bob Briggs suggested the Department of Homeland Security. He even thought of the perfect slogan for a facility serving alternatives to air travel: “Get down – stay on the ground.”

Today’s Slice question: Can you tell from the sound when you drop the TV remote if it is damaged?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email Olympics opening ceremonies: Yes or No.

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