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The Slice: When .com, .net, .edu just won’t do

My friend Wade Griffith sent a note that got me thinking.

“Spending a ski weekend at Sun Peaks near Kamloops, BC,” he wrote. “I notice that many Canadian URL’s end in ‘.CA’ or ‘.BC.’ (Would not ‘.EH.’ be more appropriate?) What should Spokane’s URL suffix be?”

Good question.

All I can think of is “.D’oh!” But I suspect Slice readers will have some better ideas.

Cats and flu season: Ellen Sherriffs read somewhere that cat sneezes are good luck. Then her cat sneezed on the back of her head at 4 a.m. Ellen had questions.

“Is that good luck for me or the cat? Also, how hard would it be to teach the cat to sneeze into his elbow like we teach little kids to do?”

Pretty hard, I would think.

Failure to communicate: Lois Hattenburg’s husband once asked Siri where Lower Granite Dam is. Her response was “Watch your language.”

“When he tried a second time, she wouldn’t even answer.”

Just wondering: Did any of your distant relatives come to the United States because of the Irish Potato Famine in the 1840s?

Just wondering 2: Were any of your distant relatives among those with Lewis and Clark who discovered that grizzly bears don’t stop coming at you just because you have shot them once?

Spot the names of the men who were not presidents: A) Chester Arthur. B) John Tyler. C) Thurman Munson. D) Zachary Taylor. E) Franklin Pierce. F) Charles Rowe. G) Alfred E. Neuman. H) Root Boy Slim. I) Merkin Muffley.

Slice style guide: When writing, which do you use?

A) Presidents Day. B) President’s Day. C) Presidents’ Day. D) Presi’dents Day. E) I didn’t vote for him. F) Other.

Identify the tenuous Spokane connection: In what aircraft did John Denver’s father set speed records?

Contact me if you are stumped.

This date in Slice history (1996): Scott Davis, 4, spotted the Washington state flag flying outside the Spokane Arena. And he noted the familiar face adorning it. “Oh, there’s the oatmeal man.”

Slice answer: “One person sharing my name is a very rich clown,” wrote Ron McDonald.

Today’s Slice question: When do you start worrying that your property tax statement was misdelivered and the helpful neighbor who received it in error simply tossed it in the trash?

Happy Monday.

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