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The Slice: Looking for that local angle

Vince Eberly proposed a URL for Spokane web addresses.

“You can’t deny the classics: .geg.”

Let’s move on.

Slice answers: Several readers said high winds are the one thing that will keep them from grilling outside – or “primal cooking” as Joe Eaton puts it – in wintertime.

Jim Clanton has grilled at 15 below and 105 above. “As long as I can physically get to the ol’ Weber, I will fire that bad boy up.”

On the other hand, my friend John Petrofski is a bit of a fair weather outdoor cooker. “I usually don’t grill when it’s below zero.”

Name game: “Your column about sharing a name brought back a fun memory of meeting a lifelong friend,” wrote Janie Calkins Rumberger. “I was a freshman at Lewis and Clark and I met a girl with the same last name as mine in homeroom. Her name was Laura Calkins and mine was Janie Calkins. She had come from Sacajawea and I from St. Augustine’s.

“Our last name was not common so we were pretty amazed. We ended up becoming best friends and telling people we were twins. We graduated in 1974 and to this day people still think we were sisters. Of course, she was blonde and had straight A’s. I was brunette and did not have have straight A’s.”

Another Slice reader offered this. “The actress Julia Roberts has shared my name for over 50 years,” wrote Julie Roberts (whose proper name is Julia). My husband and I were married on June 11, 1967, and she was born on Oct. 28 that same year. The names have caused lots of comments at grocery checkout and other service-type counters over the years. My standard reply is that I have been Julia Roberts longer than she has.”

Several other readers told about the experience of sharing a name with someone who has had brushes with the law or failed to pay his or her bills.

The eyes have it: Susan Moyer saw my account in Sunday’s Slice of misreading an email. It prompted her to share her own story.

She was driving on 57th and was not in a good mood. Up ahead, she saw a sign in front of a mini strip-mall that read “Believe.” That puzzled her.

By the time she figured out that it actually said “We Deliver,” she was no longer in a sour mood.

Today’s Slice question: What personality type does winter weed out in Spokane?

Write The Slice at P. O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email What percentage of your body mass is phlegm?

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