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Pundit Trump support

What!? News outlets have trouble finding credible Trumpist pundits (“Shouldn’t someone defend Trump?” Leonard Pitts, March 5)? I have been compiling a list of respected conservative commentators: Charles Krauthammer, Ross Douthat, Michael Gersen, Max Boot, Jonah Goldberg, Robert Samuelson, Bret Stephens, Kathleen Parker, Rich Lowry, Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, George Will, Ben Shapiro, David French, David Brooks, David Frum, Mike Lofgren, Mona Charen, Jennifer Rubin, Fred Hiatt, Richard Cohen, Peter Wehner.

Unfortunately for editors who crave “balance,” all 22 of those thoughtful columnists now reject Trump. Most loathe him. Google them and see.

I know one quasi-respectable columnist who consistently praises Trump - Marc Thiessen - and two who support him waveringly - John Podhoretz and Hugh Hewitt.

There are, of course, plenty of Trumpists who are celebrities but lack serious intellectual credentials, such as hothead radio hosts (Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones) and white supremacists (David Duke, Richard Spencer).

The above lists aren’t comprehensive. Some intellectually respectable conservative Trumpists have doubtless escaped my notice. But Pitts is right - they’re hard to find.

Trump supporters, remember that we are judged both by the company we keep and by the company we don’t keep.

Brian L. Keeling


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