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The Slice: Reading, writing and ribeyes

“You cannot believe everything you see on the web.”

That was Jim Clanton’s subject line on an email he sent me Tuesday. It featured a web page with photos and information about Ponderosa Elementary School in Spokane Valley.

Some of the details seemed OK. But there was this puzzling description of the school: “Old West-themed chain known for its steaks, chicken & all-you-can-eat buffet.”

What the …?

Apparently information from a restaurant’s web page had somehow migrated onto the page about the local grade school. Or something like that.

A new school is being built next to the existing site, and Jim had gone online to check the progress. “I wanted to find the move date for the new school. Found out they are running a buffet dinner place there. Both of my kids went there and I never knew.”

It seems like something they would have mentioned. But you know how kids can be. They don’t always volunteer information.

I called the elementary school and managed to thoroughly confuse some poor woman, who did confirm that Ponderosa is still being operated as a grade school, not a theme restaurant.

I forgot to ask her if the new school would include an all-you-can-eat buffet. But I sensed she already thought I was out of my mind and I didn’t want to push my luck.

Let’s play two: Doris Woodward, a Chicago Cubs fan, had just started college at Michigan State when her Cubs met the Detroit Tigers in the 1945 World Series.

“Detroit won the seventh game, and you can imagine what campus was like. My dad sent me some extra cash to buy beers for all my Detroit friends. You have to realize that this was just two months after the end of World War II. Spirits were high everywhere. What a good time to be alive.”

Lawrence Killingsworth shared this.

“Back when I lived in Atlanta, I had a friend who followed Braves baseball. Every morning he would open up the sports section and check out the box scores. If the Braves had won, he would call them ‘Our Braves.’ If they lost, they would be ‘The Braves.’ If they lost badly, they became ‘Those (insert appropriate expletive here) Braves.’ ”

Today’s Slice question: Things haven’t been the same around here since …

(Yes, I asked that back 2011. But readers came through on that occasion, and I’m hoping they will again.)

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