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The Slice: Q and A with the Easter Marmot

Today The Slice presents a transcript of an interview with Spokane’s very own Easter Marmot.

You won’t believe what our furry friend had to say.

The Slice: So are you trying to replace the bunny?

EM: Not at all. But I believe the people of Spokane deserve a choice.

The Slice: A different kind of Easter rodent?

EM: They deserve an animal not quite so closely tied to images of fertility, pagan rites of spring and, well, getting it on.

The Slice: Excuse me?

EM: You know. The old nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. That rabbit is all about a message that, frankly, isn’t always appropriate for children.

The Slice: And a marmot is an improvement how?

EM: Look, we all know what rabbits are famous for, right? But marmots, our claim to fame is being in a bad mood and chewing engine hoses. That and we’re sort of cute.

The Slice: Cute but irascible?

EM: Correct.

The Slice: Where do you, the Easter Marmot, figure in the religious picture?

EM: I don’t tell people what to believe.

The Slice: Does the Easter Bunny?

EM: That rabbit is totally bought and paid for by an international consortium of candy makers and the petro/industrial high-fructose corn syrup lobby.

The Slice: Who is behind the marketing of the Easter Marmot?

EM: It’s early days. We’re just getting started.

The Slice: What about Easter egg hunts? Would you do away with those?

EM: May I remind you that rabbits do not lay eggs. A marmot could dispense chicken eggs as well as a bunny.

The Slice: Except for you guys being a bit grumpy.

EM: Look, kids dig us. They get a kick out of the fact marmots are not nauseatingly saccharine. They crave an animal holiday icon that will give it to them straight.

The Slice: Are marmots mentioned in the New Testament?

EM: You’re thinking of “The Big Lebowski.”

The Slice: Uh, pretty sure I’m not. But aren’t marmots sort of a regional rodent? I mean, would the Easter Marmot’s territory be mostly restricted to the Northwest and Western Canada?

EM: God’s country.

The Slice: I thought you didn’t do religion.

EM: Maybe just a little.

Today’s Slice question: Did last winter harden your position on studded tires?

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