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Letters for Aug. 18, 2022

Aug. 18, 2022 Updated Thu., Aug. 18, 2022 at 8:19 a.m.

Not voting for CMR

A couple of weeks ago Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers was pictured in the paper wearing blue jeans (just one of the guys) next to a gas pump blaming President Biden for gas prices. Recently the Wall Street Journal reported that gas prices have gone down for 50 straight days. Is she going to give Biden credit?

Gas prices are determined by international oil prices over which no politician (except Putin) has control. It is strictly a matter of supply and demand, and Russia is an enormous supplier.

She also blames Biden for inflation. The legendary Nobel economist, Milton Friedman, stated that inflation every time and everywhere is the result of the money supply. Biden doesn’t control the money supply – the Federal Reserve does.

Her comments show ignorance and a weak education. I did not vote for either Biden or Trump, and I certainly will not vote for CMR. I won’t vote for the Democrat either. I will gladly pay more for gas if it helps Ukraine.

Marcus Lehman


Natalie Poulson

Sadly, and far too often, the mottos or slogans we see or read posted by those who run for public office, in the end, turn out to be just so much “hot air.” In her case, I’m favorably impressed by the three-word slogan of Natalie Poulson. She is running to be a representative in Spokane’s 3rd Legislative District against incumbent Timm Ormsby.

The three-word slogan on her campaign signs is simply “Courage is Contagious.” I now realize this is not mere “hot air” as is the usual case. She is the longtime special ed teacher who had the courage to stand up against the mask mandate in public schools. Seems to me one need not be a teacher of children to understand how the constant wearing of masks makes it difficult to capably communicate with them. But my primary point is this: in Poulson’s case, her motto is not the typical blowhard deal to, hopefully, win votes. As I now understand it, her courage basically cost her her respected position as a special education specialist. She practices what she preaches even when it costs her!

In conclusion, I wish she were my representative … mine do not even have the “courage” to answer my letters!

Ken Campbell

Deer Park

Regarding ‘Blame Biden’

Regarding a recent letter (“Blame Biden,” Aug. 10) about CMR and the GOP concerning three issues, sarcastically ending with, “yeah, blame Biden.” Well let me address why that’s true.

First, gas prices. Day one of the Biden administration they shut down the 90% completed Keystone pipeline, which would have added nine million barrels of oil to our refineries daily. Then all fracking and offshore drilling was halted, what went from $2 per gallon of gas went to $5 per gallon of gas and now in our state is still a average of $4.50 a gallon.

Second, inflation was 1.9% when Biden took office and as of today, it is 8.5%, due largely to Biden’s policies regarding oil and natural gas production.

Finally, the baby food crisis was in front of the Biden administration since February, when the Abbott plant in Michigan was closed and Biden suggested he was not informed until April.

I think we can conclude that “blame Biden” on these three issues, not CMR or the GOP just pulling this out of thin air, is appropriate.

Steve Hintyesz


Let the elephant speak

Dorothy Mehl (“Elephant in the room,” Aug. 12) is concerned that men aren’t more involved or included in the abortion conversation and refers to them as “the elephant in the room of abortion.” She rightfully suggests they have some responsibility for the pregnancy. “Come on guys, if you are going to be there at the conception then you need to also be there for the rest of the child’s life.”

Almost all the men and many of the women I know agree with Mehl. The father should be just as involved in the child’s life as the mother. He should even be allowed a voice in a decision to abort his child. However, whenever that is suggested it is immediately and loudly dismissed with screams of “my body, my choice.”

If Mehl and others want men and fathers involved in the abortion discussion all they have to do is allow the elephant in the room to speak.

Chan Bailey


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