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Letters for Aug. 24, 2022

Aug. 24, 2022 Updated Wed., Aug. 24, 2022 at 10:46 a.m.

Just another GOP red flag

The Aug. 17 headline “GOP-backed canvassing group alleges elections system is ‘not clean’ ” is another Republican red flag for us. The groundwork is being laid to disrupt any elections from federal to local government contests in the near future that don’t end in their desired results. 2020 was the learning template that almost worked to get the wrong person back in the White House. The Big Lie has been used to brainwash people into thinking it was real. Now the deniers are trying to put into place anyone who would have the authority to alter our votes. The canvassing group asserts there are problems with our voting system and rolls, yet it will not divulge the information collected to verify those claims to Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton. She and her office have served our county with integrity and professionalism. She has asked to have the chance to speak with Matt Hawkins and Alene Lindstrand, the heads of the group.

We have complete confidence in our state’s voting system. If there are problems, as this group suggests, it’s time to put up or shut up. We must be on guard to keep the Big Lie from permeating every level of government.

Darlene and Rick Lockert


The dirty tricks of politics

“The registration rolls are not clean,” said Matt Hawkins, the Spokane County Republican party’s state committeeman with his sidekick, Glen Morgan. They are telling lies and crying wolf so that Alene Lindstrand doesn’t have to.

They falsely claim that they visited 577 homes to find 1,304 “anomalies.” Really?

At first glance, you’d have to think, “Wow, this really should be looked into.”

Then reading into this story, it’s full of misleading nonsense and lies. Front page and almost a half page inside. The Spokesman-Review really should have done a little more investigation.

First, let’s get it straight. Lindstrand lost to Vicky Dalton. That’s it in a nutshell. She lost! As with many lost souls out there, the next step is to smear opponents. In this case, make them appear to be not doing their job correctly.

Second, Lindstrand and Hawkins have the proof but won’t share. Sound familiar? “I am going to protect people’s privacy.” How nice! But wait, there’s more. She “will share the information.” What? The people’s privacy? Confusing madness is happening?

Third, Spokane County Auditor’s Office and the county commissioners confirmed Lindstrand hasn’t contacted any office she claims she did.

What I see is a three-legged stool with a mound of garbage. All this was to prove liars still have a microphone if idiots are willing to listen.

Don’t buy the lie and shut them off.

Stuart Smith


‘Stolen election’

Does it make any sense that many of our elected congressional representatives, senators and those down ballot are arguing that the 2020 election was stolen? They were on the same ballots, counted by the same election offices as the presidential candidates. So how do these politicians, mostly Republicans, explain their victories and justify their present employment?

Nancy Street


Copping out of responsibility

Who has more mental problems, the perpetrators of gun violence or congressional Republicans? This includes our own Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who lacks normal compassion and regard for human life, even of young children. Congressional Republicans have again copped out of their responsibility to do anything significant to stop the mass killings by effectively acting only on mental illness measures. At the least, their social to emotional development has been severely stunted.

Using the Second Amendment of the Constitution as their crutch, they ignore its original intention: to make certain that Southern colonies would join the union by assuring white militias for squelching slave mutiny. By their “well-regulated militia,” the founders undoubtedly didn’t envision the country-wide, out-of-control proliferation of expert killing machines that indiscriminately eliminate its own people.

Whatever the mental health of the perpetrator, using an assault weapon or high-capacity magazine increases the number of people killed, so the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994-2004 should be revived . Opposing that indicates a mentally unhealthy lack of compassion and regard for the sanctity of human life.

Yes, guns do kill people. Our extreme availability of guns make it the easiest method of killing people, guaranteeing the greatest finality. Contrast this with murder and mass killing rates in countries with stricter gun control laws. For example, the Japanese people were recently shocked that someone (former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe) could be killed by a gun. Not surprisingly, it was self-made rather than purchased.

Norm Luther


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