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Letters for June 15, 2022

UPDATED: Wed., June 15, 2022

God-given right

In a recent email to her constituents regarding what she calls the “right to abortion,” Washington state’s U.S. Sen. Patty Murray asked, “Do you support a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own body?”

The trouble is we’re not talking about the woman’s “own” body, but another body with its own unique DNA. That body is the possession of the one inhabiting it, not the one it happens to be in at the time, and therefore is not the woman’s to kill.

As for rights, they are not bestowed by government but by God as the Declaration of Independence clearly states. Government cannot grant a right to what the Creator has declared to be wrong, nor may it prevent the exercise of what He has revealed to be right.

As for supporting a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her “own” body, I most certainly do.

Therefore, I request the senator oppose all vaccine mandates, seek the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and work to abolish all government regulation of and intervention in the arena of health care. These are gross violations of our God-given right to “make our own decisions about our own bodies.”

Robert Peck

Spokane Valley

Congratulations to Vicky Dalton

Voters in Cheney were recently informed of being redistricted from the 6th District to the 9th District, so now they have different state senators and representatives, and are connected with more rural parts of the state outside of Spokane County.

Through a postcard sent to registered voters a few weeks ago, we learned the numbers of our new precincts. I wonder how many people were aware of those changes before receiving the postcard from the county auditor’s office. Other areas in Spokane County are affected as well.

This postcard contains our new precinct numbers on the front side, and explains the reason for redistricting every 10 years due to the population census on the reverse side. An invitation was included to update your registration for name, residence and/or mailing address changes, and also a suggestion to contact the office if you will be traveling during an election or need a replacement ballot. In addition, there are helpful web links to discover your new District boundaries.

A hearty congratulation to Vicky Dalton, our experienced county auditor for navigating this maze and informing voters. She is one of the most reliable and honest government officials in Spokane County, always ahead of the curve, dependable and competent. Vicky Dalton is up for re-election as county auditor when primary elections come around in August, and general elections in November. Keeping her in office will help ensure our election results are reliable and fair, and accurately reflect the will of the voters.

Nancy Street


Once an Eagle always an Eagle

Regarding the article by Dave Nichols, “Wildcat Quest,” May 27:

No one from “the league of champions” has won a state title in baseball. I thought I was reading a Bill Walton article. Kudos to Mt. Spokane baseball for another great season. Usually I’m very excited for “area” high schools to win state titles. FYI, there is nothing “mythical” about WIAA official state baseball program. In it you’ll find 1978 West Valley (Spokane) Class 3A State Champions!

But hey, if you want to omit this fact, then please refrain from further mentioning’s of Eastern Washington University National Football championship (they are not a big school). Feeling slighted in the Valley … once an Eagle always an Eagle.

Oh, upon further review … two-time state champion: Football ’76, Baseball ’78.

Mark McIntyre


Leftist Shawn Vestal

Not surprisingly, leftist S-R columnist Shawn Vestal lambasts “unvaxxed city firefighters,” (“Let unvaxxed city firefighters live with consequence of their choice,” May 18). I wonder exactly how many “jabs” plus “booster” jabs it would take to satisfy Vestal. And, what about the plain old common cold or flu or many other “catching” ailments we could cite?

Perhaps Vestal could write up a form they’d have to sign solemnly swearing never to get sick as the condition for being hired.

Perish the very thought, but if his house should ever catch fire and/or if he were suffering a heart attack, can you picture him questioning the firefighter EMT as to whether or not they were “vaxxed” and “sending them packing” if they weren’t vaccinated?

Ken Campbell

Deer Park

Collateral damage

I want to thank The S-R for printing the words of Larry Smith (“School shootings in Texas,” June 8) who so succinctly states the intractable position of the gun culture on the uncontrolled mass murders of American citizens, “using tragedies such as this to try and take away our rights is even more evil than shooting down a bunch of children.”

This mindset is a warning that the ideology of the right is not only a violent threat to our lawmakers and houses of Congress, our little children are now considered nothing more than collateral damage in defending the Second Amendment’s inherent right to take the life of an intruder, an armed assailant on the street, a foreign enemy, one’s own self, a Black Lives Matter demonstrator, a domestic terrorist, a class of children, or a member of another political party as a justified act of civil or biblical war.

This should serve a reminder of what is in store for this nation when the GOP regains power.

Daniel Gore


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