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Letters for June 17, 2022

UPDATED: Fri., June 17, 2022

For God’s sake, do something!

I’m cautiously optimistic. Constituents of both political parties are speaking out against assault rifles. Has the time arrived when Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers will do something about them? For God’s sake, congresswoman, if not now, when?

Terren Roloff


Missing equity

I would like someone to explain to me the equity of having an entire month to celebrate homosexual pride. We have one day to celebrate veterans who gave up a significant portion of their lives to support and defend our country, now celebrated as another paid day off for free. We also have one Memorial Day to remember the people who gave their lives in defense of our country, also celebrated as another paid day off. I seriously doubt that even half of high school students have any idea what Veterans Day or Memorial Day are all about.

Where is the equity?

Larry Wiley


Upset with Graves column

I was very upset when I read the column on April 25 written by Paul Graves (“The concept of godly punishment never made sense to me, and now I see why”). He said the belief that Jesus died for our sins “isn’t even in the Bible.” It’s apparent that he didn’t read the book. God is holy and cannot tolerate sin or being in the presence of sinners. There are plenty of references in the Bible to God’s wrath. See Mark 9:42-50 and the words of Jesus warning against sin, temptation and the consequences of sin being “thrown into hell.” John 3:35-36 speaks of God’s wrath to those who reject the son.

In order for our sinful selves to be justified and saved, Christ died for us. 1 Corinthians 15:3: “For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures.” The reference to God as “she” is misleading. Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father.” He did not teach us to pray, “Our Mother.”

Yes, Jesus did teach us to love one another. That is why he died to save us form our sins. Romans 6:23 states, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Jackie Tee


Understanding gender

As an addendum to the informative letter “LBGTQ+ a choice?” by Robert Crosby on June 9, I would like to bring attention to the amazing January 2017 National Geographic special issue “Gender Revolution” which I have found so helpful to my understanding.

Bible reading is part of my daily routine, but we need to add the enlightenment of new learning through science. We show a significant portion of our homeless young people are due to eviction from home because of sexual identity issues. Parents can be part of reducing this pain and alienation if they can get new understanding. This may precede renewed love. I have kept this issue of the magazine on our coffee table through the years to interest other people and to refresh my brain with the new knowledge. You can likely find it at the library.

Roz Luther


Guilty of sedition

I don’t need to see the Jan. 6 committee hearing to convince me that Donald Trump and all those public servants who supported him in his effort to overturn our lawfully elected government are guilty of sedition. They have violated their constitutional oath in the most contemptible and disgusting power grab one can imagine and deserve to be consigned to whatever justice can be meted out to them – let’s hope something long and miserable. As for those thugs who rioted on Trump’s behalf, they will have to find some way to live with their stupidity.

Meg McCoy


See something, say something

I would like to address this last school shooting. Not to blame the gun dealer or salesman, but why in the world was there no common sense used when this young man purchased these items? Where were the red flags? He bought two long rifles (one being an AR-15) with 1,600 rounds of ammo, and no red flags going up? Many magazines for the guns and no red flags? And then body armor and no red flags going up? See something, say something.

The gun dealer or salesman should have seen a 1-by-2-foot red flag go up when he purchased the two rifles. Then a 2-by-3-foot red flag should have gone up when he purchased 1,600 rounds of ammo and many magazines for the rifles. Then when the body armor was purchased the red flag should have been at it’s biggest at 3-by-5-foot and then they should have made a phone call to the police to come and check this young man out and maybe this could have prevented this God-awful shooting.

Are people more worried about their business and infringing on someone’s rights that they look the other way instead of “see something, say something” with red flags going up all over the place in front of them? Do they not letting common sense take over and do something and just maybe stopping this from happening? If they would have acted and called the police and they came and checked this young man out and everything was OK, then no harm and no foul. But if he didn’t check out OK, the 21 lives might have been saved.

I have never seen a gun by itself kill anyone. “People kill people.”

Rich Wichterman


Afraid to go downtown library

I remember when I enjoyed going to the downtown library and even parking in the parking garage. Not any more. There are people lined up sleeping or panhandling along the walk outside the library. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m afraid to go now because of so many senseless mass shootings in public places.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. What a sorry situation.

Jackie Waite


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