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Letters for June 23, 2022

June 23, 2022 Updated Thu., June 23, 2022 at 8:10 a.m.

Men without honor

It is curious that the “small army” of white supremacists arrested in Coeur d’Alene earlier this month had head coverings that obscured their faces before the arrest, reminiscent of the KKK of old. If their cause is just then they should have no qualms about showing the world who they truly are. Since their cause is not just by any stretch of the imagination, they are truly reprehensible and men without honor.

Harvey McKelvey


Trump cashing in

In America we always say, “Follow the Money.”

Apt instinct – as we analyze Trump’s election-loss behavior.

I submit, contrary to current perceptions, that Trump did not become “unhinged” by his loss. Rather, this six-bankruptcy loser, demonstrably began fundraising off the loss to stuff millions of dollars into his pockets. Clear as day. Trump profited from his defeat.

Trump disliked being president. All he did, while in office, was sit upstairs at the White House, watching TV. During his fraud tirades Trump never engaged in the people’s business. He was only focused on making money off of his bogus fraud claims.

Follow the money.

Jim Kane


2020 election fair and legal

Countless Trump administration officials and Trump-appointed attorneys, in particular then-Attorney General Bill Barr, have testified that there was no evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Trump lost and Joe Biden won the election. Anyone who up to this point proclaims there was election fraud and believes that the election was stolen from Trump has been lied to and mislead. Time to admit to the truth, Trump lost the election, tried to overturn the will of the American voter, and Trump is a threat to America’s democracy.

Peter N. Sanburn


Does not deserve recognition

The disgraced and lying, twice impeached ex-president doesn’t deserve any positive recognition, including his birthday.

Edward Karasek


Letters to editor show bias

We get The S-R on Wednesdays and Sundays and know that it is biased but appreciate knowing what’s happening in the Spokane area. That said, here is verbiage from some letters published on June 12:

“Autonomous rulers like Putin … and wannabe dictators like Donald Trump.”

“Republicans want teachers carrying firearms to protect their students.”

“When you vote, remember … Democrats work to help people … That other party, they work for people who don’t need help.”

“If you are OK with being at risk of slaughter at school, church … keep voting for Republicans.”

“Personally, I strongly feel we’re being screwed by a certain political party … Vladimir Putin along with his oligarchs would make outstanding Republicans.”

The letters published are definitely to the “left.” That’s any media’s right to skew what is published. However, when I get The S-R, I do so knowing that I will be convinced that such remarks as above are someone’s opinion, and that I, as a conservative need to remember that!

I am always suspect when anyone paints with a brush coated in vitriol.

Judy LaMont


Financial plight of newspapers

Yes, newspapers need financial help. Here is my idea. I support The Spokesman-Review as a digital customer, but I can’t buy a digital subscription to every worthy newspaper or magazine that throws up a pay wall whenever I want to read an article.

I propose “Pay-to-Read.” This website would take deposits and deduct a small amount each time an article is read by a subscriber to the service. Newspapers allowing access would get the collected total each month, less a small fee. This is an opportunity for a digital entrepreneur to make money, promote responsible journalism, and help our struggling newspapers.

James VanderMeer


Gas prices soaring

There are a lot of people who are blaming President Biden for the rising gas prices. I have done my research and here is what I found. More oil giants are reporting major revenues and serious profits over the first few months of 2022; some companies stating that the profits this year alone are better than they have seen in decades. Hmmm. I wonder how this can be true when the war in Ukraine and lack of refineries seem to be the excuses oil companies are saying are the cause of such ghastly prices for consumers at the pump?

As I see it, only the consumers can say enough is enough so that demand will drop along with gas prices. If we must place blame somewhere, how about starting and ending with the greedy oil companies?

Fiona Gressler


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