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Letters for Nov. 16, 2023

Protect election workers

Election workers here in laid back Spokane were threatened by a political terrorist who sent fentanyl in his ballot envelope. Donald Trump has given the green light to his followers that it is OK to intimidate and harass election workers and blame them for Trump’s election loss in 2020. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember the mother and daughter in Georgia who were volunteer workers that Trump and Giuliani named on TV as cheating in the election of 2020? Trump’s followers terrorized and harassed them so much that they had to leave their home and hide out.

Most election workers and election volunteers do the job to insure free and fair elections and see it as their patriotic duty. Donald Trump and his Republican backers think it is OK to lie about election results and blame everybody else but themselves for their election loss.

We need a federal law that protects election workers that has stiff penalties on those like Trump and his followers who falsely blame and harass election workers. We need a society that protects election workers, S.P.E.W. for short.

Rick Johnson


Take the high road

My heartiest congratulations to the champions of our recent elections. I can only hope that our newly elected leaders will follow in the footsteps of some of our better leaders such as Lincoln or J.Q. Adams. This brings me to the reason for this letter. Jesus told us to do good to those whom take advantage of us. In other words, take the high road. Don’t get tangled in dirty politics. Integrity should be your mainstay.

We laypeople can follow the same road. When someone cuts you off, in traffic, don’t swear or angrily lay on the horn. If you arrive too late to receive a donation, don’t act like a 5-year-old. There are only so many donations to go around.

The high road is full of pitfalls. Pride often trips you up. Nixon fell from grace because he became full of himself. Elitism is another peril. Attempting to go it alone will certainly lead to failure and alienation. A true leader is also a follower and a listener. Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, ignored the advice of the older men and harshly treated the people. As a result, they revolted. The climate quickly changes on the high road. You can have the world by the tail, and suddenly find yourself being the butt of everyone’s jokes. A thankful heart is the only remedy.

Douglas R. Bem


Condemn both Russia and Hamas

Russia attacked Ukraine and Hamas attacked Israel. Palestinians are suffering the consequences of Hamas’ aggression. Now, some people are complaining that Israel is fighting back. Why isn’t Russia suffering the consequences of Putin’s aggression? I think the whole world should condemn both Russia and Hamas and everyone else who attacks another country for any reason. Too much suffering and deaths happen as a result. If a negotiated peace is not possible, then human beings will become extinct by our own hand after we destroy ourselves and the whole planet.

Candy Frankel


World Kindness Day

On Oct. 27, our Burke’s Restoration team in Spokane was fortunate to partner with our friends at the Humane Society of Spokane for our annual Restoring Kindness campaign.

We focused on helping clear space on the property by emptying and removing three large trailers filled with debris that had accumulated over the years.

Our volunteerism helped create more room for the Humane Society to manage its operations. And since most of our team members are pet parents to a dog or a cat, this was a project where we have passion.

That volunteerism also helped bring our team members closer together as we provided service above self. It felt good to know our company encouraged and even funded our volunteerism.

Kindness is one of our company’s core values – an extension of who we are, both as individuals and as a team. We proved once again that a single act or a few kind words can actually turn somebody’s day around. We truly made a difference in how the Humane Society serves animals and pet parents.

World Kindness Day was Monday, a reminder that kindness never goes out of style. I invite you to Restore Kindness and use the #RestoringKindness hashtag on social media whenever you do so your service may inspire others to pay it forward.

Mike Meece

Northwest Regional President, FLEET Response/Burke’s Restoration

Bozeman, Montana

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