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Community Comment

A Bit of Self-Analysis…

Good evening, Netizens...

After a hectic day and a restful evening with the Prom Queen watching a bit of television, I am finally once more in the Great Chair and as a late friend, John Kitkoski, was once fond of stating, I should be about the business of thinking great thoughts. Except the Great Thoughts are outside gossiping with the Garden Gnomes, waltzing in the corner of the Virtual Ballroom to Strauss or endlessly chattering to me about the nonsensical things in life.

At Jeanie's recommendation, I am going to cite something that I stated to our “Handlers” before Community Comment became active, in the hopes it will find fertile ground from which to grow:

When I first conceived of this marvelous affair we call commcomm, I told the the Handlers at the Spokesman-Review, among other things, that one of my priorities would be that people who became "regulars" would help sustain one another, through thick or through thin.

While I realize some of you are more attuned to having shorter messages than we often have in this Blog, I firmly believe it is one of our success stories, for everyone at the Spokesman with whom I have discussed this Blog are all unanimous that we have been and are an instant success based upon the rating charts. They cannot tell me why. They simply beat me about the cranium and tell me keep on doing whatever it is I am doing, although I should amend that to say “whatever WE are doing”. After all, this is a collaborative effort, from the faded old ghost who serves as our doorman, the barista who serves us with Virtual Espresso from the endless espresso machine and to you who sit at the improbably gaudy espresso bar and discuss life with one another.

Having arrived at nearly our sixth week of continuous blogging in the Virtual Ballroom, most of the time which was spent sitting at tenth place or better in the rankings for Blogs, and having more or less adapted to the routine of writing every day on a variety of subjects, I guess since caring about the “regulars” is supposedly one of my top priorities, how am I doing? How are we doing at caring and showing tenderness and respect for one another?

If I/we could do something better, what would it be?


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