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5 steps to an organized dresser, according to the pros

When it comes to choosing organizing projects, the areas that scream chaos tend to get the most attention: Think junk drawers, closets and garages. But there are plenty of hidden pain points – such as your dresser – that also could use some love. Fishing through a tangle of clothes and random objects every time you need something can quickly turn into a major drag. With a little planning, though, you can restore order to these pits of despair.

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How drinking coffee may lower your risk for diabetes

Decades ago, many scientists believed that drinking coffee was bad for your health. But coffee has experienced a remarkable turnaround. Study after study has found that enjoying a daily cup or two of Joe – either caffeinated or decaffeinated – may lengthen your life span and lower risk for chronic disease.

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‘Kimono Mom’ shows Japanese home cooking

Moe, 33, a former maiko and geiko, shows how to cook Japanese home-style dishes in English on her YouTube channel, “Kimono Mom.” Once worried about raising her child on her own, she started uploading videos, which she learned how to do through trial and error. Today, she is one of the leading figures in introducing the appeal of Japanese cuisine to the world.

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New to Spokane, man with chest pains bypassed two hospitals before reaching north side ER

Moving here from San Diego in 2019 just before COVID, Chris Kelly didn't know many of Spokane's landmarks or its roads when he most needed those bearings. Now 53, Kelly felt sudden chest pains in March that proved to be a heart attack. He's since recovered after a stent procedure, but on that day, Kelly didn't realize the severity of his condition. He's now quick to urge people to do what he should have: Seek a ride to emergency care and ask for directions.
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Not ready for an ‘ugly lawn’? Try this instead.

This year, a Tasmanian yard that hadn’t been watered in 10 years and featured a dead brushtail possum won the title of ugliest lawn in the world. The contest, organized by the island of Gotland in Sweden, rewards those who turn over their yards to nature to save water and change the world’s perception of the ideal lawn.
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Spokane site begins checking drugs to reduce overdoses: ‘People will look at this as enabling, but we’re saving lives’

A downtown Spokane site has joined a statewide drug-checking network aimed at reducing overdoses. It's also a glimpse into what's new in illicit drug supplies. In recent months, fentanyl powder has shown up as a substance more potent than fentanyl pills. Hints showed last summer of the powerful veterinary sedative xylazine, sometimes mixed with illegal fentanyl. Compassionate Addiction Treatment, a barrier-free drug treatment center, began nearly a year ago to test small samples of drugs, anonymously and voluntarily given by people who come to the center. The statewide network is led by the Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute at the University of Washington.