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How to grow a beautiful indoor succulent garden

It's no surprise that succulents, including cactuses, are popular. These easy-care houseplants come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any home. All you need is a lot of light and benign neglect to raise healthy and beautiful succulents. Place the plants near an unobstructed south-, west- or east-facing window. Don't let a lack of light stop you from enjoying ...
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Ask the Builder: How to avoid geologic hazards when building

You probably don’t give much thought to the ground under or around your home. What follows are a few true stories that may change your perspective. If you’re in the market to buy land to build your dream home, or if you’re looking to buy an existing home, what I’m about to share could prevent financial ruin.
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Gardening: Order supplies now if you’re planning to start a mason bee hive

As I write this, 7 inches of snow are coming down. The hubby has cleared the walk and stairs enough to refill the birdfeeder, but we’ll wait until the morning to clear our 400-foot driveway. At least this go-round the snow is light, fluffy and easy to move. So, it’s back to planning and preparing for spring. So here are a few more things you can do indoors.
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Space-saving tips for interior design

With space at a premium, many people are looking to maximize their home environment as much as possible. Whether it’s to accommodate a home office or in-home classroom space for children or just create extra space to relax and unwind, maximizing one’s home foot print is more important than ever.
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Ask the Builder: How to spend the least money to stay warm

Like me, you may live where it gets cold in the winter. Even if you’re blessed to live in the South or Southwest, occasional cold waves force you to put on a sweater. With inflation raging out of control, it’s so very important to spend as little as possible to be comfortable. I can help you do just that.
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5 great microgreens you can grow indoors

Microgreens, the first two leaves that emerge on germinating vegetables, herbs and flowers, are a nutrient-dense and easy way to increase your daily servings of plant-based foods. You can buy them at many farmers markets, but they’re also simple to grow at home, whether it’s in your outdoor garden or in a small container indoors. An added benefit is that they grow quickly – typically ready to harvest in less than a month – which makes them the perfect year-round crop for small-space dwellers, including novice gardeners.
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Ask the Builder: What do you know about cork flooring?

What I’m about to share with you might amaze you. We’ve all heard it said before that “you don’t know what you don’t know.” And when something that has been hidden suddenly comes into your understanding, we call it a “revelation.” That has happened to me numerous times during my life.
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Design Recipes: Seasonal design

In designing a space, one place to start is to be inspired by a season. A seasonal inspiration can allow for a springboard to a design especially as it relates to color. Seasonal design can also allow an opportunity to transition or rotate your décor throughout the seasons.