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Going Mobile

Campfire cooking tips

Cooking over a campfire can be tricky. (John Nelson)
Cooking over a campfire can be tricky. (John Nelson)

Let's get fired up about doing some cooking over open flames.

This week's Going Mobile column serves up some advice on how to build a roaring campfire, so naturally, there's got to be food involved.

Johnny's the keeper of the flame, while I'm in charge of wrangling dinner. Sometimes, that's an ambitious meal. Like the time I made spatchcock turkey for a Thanksgiving at the campground. In October. That was research for a story I wrote for Allrecipes

I've also baked biscuits, flipped pancakes and fried bacon on a Lodge cast iron cook-it-all. 

But most campfire cooking projects are more straightforward, especially when it comes to roasting veggies. We've had the best success with cooking whole delicata squash nestled up against a bed of coals. Wrap that in some foil and turn every five minutes for 20-25. Cool, split in half and remove the seeds. Toss with pesto pasta. So good.

Can't talk about campfire cooking without addressing the classic s'more. We recently upgraded our s'more game by using Fran's Dark Chocolate sauce instead of the traditional Hershey's bar. Try it! 

We're going to spend this summer experimenting with more campfire cooking recipes, which we'll share.



Leslie Kelly
Leslie Kelly is a freelance writer.