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We're more than just a book club.

Northwest Passages takes people who loves books and the community, brings them together, and treats them like rockstars.

Northwest Passages breaks down into three components.


We throw rockstar events for our community that bring the speakers' stories to life.


We use funds from our non-profit organization to support local journalism. Hiring full time journalists whose stories are in the public domain!


With the power of the community, and the support of our journalists, we promote local businesses who contribute to supporting the community and journalism.

Spokane has connections

Making connections over words, food, art and music is what Northwest Passages is all about.  We are about community, conversation and building a better understanding of the world. Spokane is a thriving and vibrant city -  it is a city that is filled with people who are real change makers -  and while we are all more connected via technology, there is no substitute for conversations in person.  Our events provide a unique opportunity to get a better perspective on issues that are brought up by reading and sharing experiences we find relevant in books, music, poetry, art and even food! Creators know no boundaries, and neither does Northwest Passages as we have had fun and enlightening conversations on subjects as varied as travel as a political act to tricks to using the Insta-Pot.   Reading is good for your mental health, and so is joining others to share that experience.  Northwest Passages is about engagement.  That "Spokane connection" is strong in The Spokesman-Review's newsroom and extends to the Northwest Passages community.

Behind the Scenes Insight in Real Life

Journalists are born to follow a good story, and the newspaper is one place to share them – but Northwest Passages Book Club created another space to discover them and connect creators directly to our community.   IN REAL LIFE so ideas can be discussed and explored. Whether it is an author or a chef, a poet or a politician, Northwest Passages gathers the community and together we gain greater insight on a topic by the end of the event.   Interesting perspectives are gained though discussion, sides you may not have considered are presented, clichés and stereotypes are challenged and all of us can laugh and learn together because ultimately, we are all more alike than we are different.

So, how can I get involved?

We’re a community empowerment program, powered by the community. Your involvement allows us to keep bringing the community together and continue to support local journalism.


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