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The Slice: We’re just way ahead of our time

Everyone knows the state of Washington has a split personality. East and West are just, well, different. But at least residents of the Evergreen State agree about when the seasons change.

That’s more than can be said for Idaho.

When summer officially arrives next week, it will start in different parts of the Gem State on two different days.

For Idaho residents in Pacific Daylight Time, the exact moment of the Summer Solstice will be 11:46 p.m. on June 20. For those in Mountain Daylight Time, the seasonal shift takes place at 12:46 a.m. on June 21.

Which only goes to prove what we already knew: North Idaho is more in sync with Spokane than with Boise.

So just remember. In New York, Chicago, Denver and Pocatello, summer doesn’t start until next Tuesday.

But in Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, San Francisco and Spokane Valley, the change happens next Monday night.

“Slice answer (fill in the blanks): “The Spokane area is full of people who used to be (from out of state) and almost all of them feel that gives them the right to be hyper-critical of those who are (from out of state).” — Mitch Kemple

“Name-calling is no way to drum up business: A supervisor at the Newport (Wash.) Community Hospital received a free sample of a promotional ink pen the sender hoped she would want to order in bulk.

But there was one problem with this particular pen. It said “Newport Community Ho.”

“We couldn’t decide who to give it to,” said a hospital employee.

“We get the idea: Bernice Beyer sent a snapshot of a hand-lettered sign she saw in the window of a North Idaho store. It said “No Pubic Restrooms.”

“Re: Saturday’s wedding-styles multiple choice: “Small and short went OK, but simple was another matter,” wrote Kreston McClure of Cheney. “The day was so hot the candles were melting. All through the ceremony the pianist was going back and forth stamping out wax fires. But the marriage has lasted 48 years so far.”

“If tradition holds: The kids most likely to pull outlandish pranks on the last day of school aren’t the ones who have been feeling weighed down by the pressure to establish a record of scholastic achievement.

“Road warriors: Robin Campbell wonders if the ongoing street construction is a secret plot to keep “South Hillers” from leaving that part of town. “Maybe we should become our own city,” she wrote.

She said the civic motto could be “Near a perfect downtown/Can’t get there from here.”

“Warm-up question: How close to a standard-size Idaho state flag do you have to get to make out any detail?

“Today’s Slice question: What do little kids say about the art bears?

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