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The Slice: It doesn’t have to be springtime for the twits to be tweeting

Quite a few people speaking our language these days. (The Spokesman-Review)
Quite a few people speaking our language these days. (The Spokesman-Review)

Feeling left out because you don’t tweet?

Well don’t.

A Slice reader who gets a kick out of Twitter technology recently collected a batch of these short social-networking messages that mentioned Spokane. She shared them with me.

Here’s a sampling. (Now you can decide for yourself whether you have been missing anything.)

“Waiting to hear about a work gig in Spokane. What do they do there for fun? Pan for gold?” — lurchl

“left my tripod in the Spokane airport. Some kind soul turned it in to lost and found. It will arrive COD here in a few days.” — Donagee

“Rolling through the cat scales in Spokane, Washington” — damn8tion

“Does anyone in Spokane know the date that the osprey return to the area? I swear I just saw one out enjoying the wind above the river.” — shelliwazzu

“Living the Dream: 45 minutes to wander around Spokane After Midnight. On a Sunday. In the rain.” — positivemotion

“Sometimes I think Spokane is not so bad. Then I get on the bus.” — velzeboring

“Enjoying the Spokane sunshine and writing a paper on Tolkien. Today is feeling suspiciously like a good day.” — seethestar1

“Got to work and it’s snowing — should have gone back to bed.” — raefb

“just read through the City of Spokane’s Sustainability Action Plan. It goes to the Council on March 30th.” — erinvincent

“At the library … it’s surprisingly crowded … I didn’t know this many in Spokane could read!” — cassarollhearts

“Newly bottled — a Spokane white wine that has a very multileveled flavor and sweet dessert cranberry wine.” — tinytail

“Looking for someone willing to teach some basic silver soldering in the Spokane Wash area.” — TaoGem

“ohhh & love my spokane chiefs, my boys won 5-1 :)” — wowashley

“We are at a 4 car accident on i90. Traffic backed up eastbound to Downtown Spokane. Use side streets!” — haynesmoore1

“Do bloomsday in spokane” — sarahlk9

“Yeah just got to spokane county And saw some elk” — chass

“Oahu is for those who can’t cut it in Spokane ;)” — addisonkimberly

“On I5 going 10 mph (I love spokane)” — ipgman

“Is there a POW/MIA flag on the top of Spokane City Hall?” — dannydinges

“If you had to decide between Spokane, Renton, Tacoma, or Chino, CA, what would you choose?” — tacotim

“spo-cane, spo-can … trying to smooth out my southernisms so the locals don’t give me looks … Spokane, WA” — andydavis

•Today’s Slice question: What’s the last thing that made you cry (or at least tear up a little)?

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