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The Slice: Check back with us in a few weeks

Slice reader Eric Rieckers wonders if there is such a thing as Indian Winter.

“If so, I think we’re having one,” he wrote.

Actually, it’s still officially regular winter.

•Compare and contrast: Lawrence E. Madsen said that compared to those in Anchorage, Alaska, drivers in Spokane are reasonably sane.

•Who do you wish would move back here: “Ira Joe Fisher,” said Dale Wile of Sandpoint. “So we could get a believable weather forecast.”

•The first sentence of your great American novel: “This is going to hurt.” — Bill Shugg

“The marmots were inexplicably restless that morning.” — Geoff Praeger

“When he switched on the bathroom light, the toilet flushed.” — Jean Hagie

“As she stood on the foot bridge over the Spokane River with spray from the falls in her face, she wondered: Can a rural marmot find love in the city?” — Roger Anderson

“The man felt tired, as tired as he ever had felt.” — Steven Stuart

“Meredith turned away from the old house, wishing she had never come back.” — Sue Lani W. Madsen

“When the dust finally cleared, there wasn’t much left of the doghouse.” — Alene Gordon

“Fred was not one to mince words, though he did mangle them on occasion. He loved to say ‘I could care less,’ when, in fact, he couldn’t.” — Bob Wilson

“No one had ever seen anything like this before and in these tumultuous times, never was it needed more desperately.” — Phil Wilson

“When the giant salmon fell out of a clear blue sky and landed on the hood of his car just as he was wondering what to have for dinner, Ben knew his day had arrived.” — Chris Kelly

•Slice answers: Walt Lane said he could be called “Mr. Irrelevant.”

And Liz Cox reported that a friend of hers named two cats after James Bond femme fatales — Solitaire and Domino.

•Coming up with a localized Mickey Spillane book title: “Basalt and Battery: Hammer’s Last Case.” — Dennis Held

•Sunday quiz winners: Jeff Sims and Heather Lynn Martin were among those who knew that back during the World War I era, before there was a National Hockey League, the short-lived Spokane Canaries played in a league whose champion advanced to compete for the Stanley Cup.

•Today’s Slice question: If your dream kitchen would be a 10, how would you rate the one you have now?

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