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The Slice: With luck, today’s forecast will be fine

Happy Friday the 13th.


Did you know that it is good luck to pat on the head either a child whose first name begins with S, or KXLY’s Kris Crocker?

•Pat Poll: Readers named Pat were asked to weigh in on whether they trust people who seem to be happy all the time.

First up, Pat Raffee.

“If we can agree that ‘happy’ means people who most of the time are optimistic, aware, energetic, and focused on doing whatever they do well – for work, in friendships, with family, in sports or hobbies – well, then yes. I not only trust these people, I admire them and seek them out for my closest relationships!

“Was there an inference in your question that such people might be Pollyannas? If so, I don’t think there’s a correlation. Some days, our attitude is about all we can completely control.”

Actually, I was implying that some of these folks strike me as ticking time bombs. But I’m not trying to have the last word here. Besides, Raffee is talking about genuinely positive people, not tightly wound phonies. There’s a difference.


“My mother and my Aunt Ruby came close to being happy all the time,” wrote Pat Williams. “While I didn’t always believe them, it surely beat being around grouchy people.”

Aunt Ruby had a patented response to being asked how she was doing: “Honey, I’m just sittin’ here dumb but happy.”

Another Pat said her answer would depend on what she knew about the contents of the perpetually upbeat person’s medicine cabinet.

•I forgot about a classic: After reading my allusion Sunday to an imaginary TV show where dogs go out and fetch home improvement supplies and tools, Slice reader Kelly Reinlasoder rightly pointed out that this has already been done. Sort of.

Do you remember the Axel’s commercial featuring the corgi that keeps going back to the store for different tools?

•Slice answers: Guesses about who will be the last person to slip on an icy patch keep getting revised.

A couple of readers said that if they knew as teenagers what they know now about relating to the opposite sex, they would have relaxed and been themselves.

I heard about a few memorable workplace-farewell e-mails but can’t really be specific without picking at the scabs, so to speak.

And one caller said Inland Northwesterners like loud activities because they drown out the whining about the weather.

•Today’s Slice question: What TV shows are you embarrassed to admit you watch?

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