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The Slice: Kids’ advice on coping with the season

Some people in Spokane just complain about winter.

But the third-graders in Tiffiny Santos’ class at Westview Elementary have a more proactive approach. At least they did when asked to write down a few tips for keeping your spirits up in the face of snow and cold.

“Get your snow pants,” wrote Lailie.

OK, I have mine on even as we speak.

A young scholar named Zoie had this suggestion: “Turn on the heat and read your favorite book.”

Zoie also recommended that adults could “Snugle in blakets wile the kids play out side and go to sleep wile the kids are out side.”

Well, that certainly sounds appealing. But I’m just concerned that it might invite a visit from an investigator for Child Protective Services.

A young winter lifestyle consultant named Alexia said one might “Sit on you couch rolled in a blaket with some hot coco and you can watch TV too.”

I’m there. But maybe one of those kids ought to come over and watch TV with me, in case I fall and can’t reach the remote.

A third-grader named Eden advocated layering but, I sensed, grew exasperated about trying to counsel grownups on bucking up at this time of year. “Mabey just stay home and play some board games next to the fire.”

Works for me.

“I would try to make glassis that perject the summer and make you feel warm. Like in a theater,” wrote a budding inventor named Carter.

Don’t forget to file for a patent, young man.

Sophia suggested snuggling with your pet and watching a Christmas movie.

Jeremiah offered a step-by-step plan. “You should probly go outside with warm cloths and play for 10 mins. Then go inside and make a fire. Then drink hot coco.”

Logan said a person could make a “snow agele.”

Sounds like some kind of dyslexic heavenly host.

I think a little girl named Kayla has figured out how to embrace winter.

“Go out and play and take breaks by going in and having hot coco. Then go back out and play.”

“Make Smores,” wrote Owen.

A third-grader named Sydney touted the therapeutic value of making a snow fort and building a snowman. “For the nose you can just do carrot.”

Young Aidan touted skiing and snowboarding. “Marry Chrismas to all.”

And to all, a good knight.

Today’s Slice question: Why do they even make airline seats capable of encroaching on the space of the passenger behind?

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