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Difference Makers 2017

They're all around us: difference makers who have accomplished much and are doing great things in their community.

The Spokesman-Review and Gus Johnson Ford partnered to publish profiles of people who made a difference to our community during the past year. • Some of them took lofty ideas and turned them into concrete projects. Others acted out of selflessness in a desperate moment. All deserve to be recognized. • And yet there are so many more people who are changing the Inland Northwest for the better through their daily feats and long-running efforts. We hope you will share those stories with us.

2017 Difference Makers

2016 Difference Makers

Riding momentum

When the SpokeFest organization held its first community bicycle ride in September, 1,255 people showed up. More than 900 people signed up for the first Bike to Work week in Spokane last May. That apparent two-wheel zeal has a group called SmartRoutes angling for a share of a potential $5 billion federal fund to boost non-motorized transportation – otherwise known as walking and bicycling – for Spokane.